The cubicle is your home away from home. But do you clean it like you do your home? If you don't, you're not alone. After all, who can be expected to make the time to clean their workspace when office hours are spent on job duties? 

Whether you've just realized how dirty your desk looks or you’re a neat freak by nature, incorporating these simple tips into your office routine will help keep you happier and healthier at work.

Daily Cubicle Cleaning

1. Unclutter. Freeing your workspace of unnecessary clutter will immediately minimize visual distractions and make it look cleaner. Eliminate any paperwork, office supplies, and personal items that are not needed regularly. Doing this once per day, either at the start of your morning or before you leave for home in the evening, will keep your space looking nice and clean. You'd be amazed at what difference a quick tidy-up can make! 

2. Wipe down. You don't need to scrub your whole cube to make an impact. Do a quick wipe down of the items you use most frequently to prevent the spread of germs and keep things looking their best. Commonly used workspace items may include your desk phone, mouse, keyboard, and certain office supplies. These items can all be cleaned with a simple disinfectant wipe or damp microfiber cloth.

3. Clean up food and drink. From your coffee mug to that plate you used for your morning doughnut, you should clean anything used to eat or drink daily—no exceptions.

Weekly Cubicle Cleaning

1. Disinfect your work surface. Begin or end each week by wiping down your entire desk. Friday afternoon or Monday morning are great times to perform this task. The top of your desk is a high-traffic area that can quickly become a breeding ground for germs if not properly maintained. Be sure to read our complete guide to desk cleaning for details on cleaning specific types of furniture.

2. Deep clean frequently used desk items. Although you should wipe down commonly used items such as your desk phone and keyboard daily, you should take it a step further once per week. Get out your canned air, disinfectant spray, paper towels, and Q-tips to get between keys, in cracks, and everywhere else a simple wipe-down may not cover.

Monthly Cubicle Cleaning

1. Organize. Whether you use a lot of paper filing space or your desk hutch needs some help, take time once a month to reorganize. Tasks like arranging paperwork in your file cabinet by date, sorting out your junk drawer, and alphabetizing your bookcase can greatly impact how you use your cubicle. You will find items are easier to find and cause less stress when you keep them properly organized.

2. Clean those screens. Although you may not touch your computer monitors often, they are right in the way of every cough and sneeze that comes out of your mouth. Plus, they get dusty pretty quick too. Wipe them down with a microfiber cloth once a month to keep them looking like new.

Yearly Cubicle Cleaning

1. Clean cubicle walls. Because most cubicle walls are made of a tactile material like fabric, they must be deep cleaned at least once each year. Standard cleaning protocol for cube walls involves vacuuming, removing stains, and scrubbing with a mixture of mild detergent and water. If that all sounds like a bit much for you to handle on your own, fear not. Ask your office manager how often cubicle walls are cleaned and express your concern if the answer is less than once a year. Requesting the cleaning of cubicles should be within the realm of reason for the business. Remember to help wherever you can by removing any artwork or notes hanging from your cubicle walls before cleaning.

2. Tidy up computer cords. Do a quick sweep under your desk and remove any dust bunnies residing between computer cords with a microfiber cloth. Getting this done yearly will help keep the space nice and clean.

3. Wipe down the insides of drawers and storage units. Once a year, take all your office supplies and papers out of your storage units and filing cabinets, grab some disinfectant spray and paper towels, and wipe down the insides. You'll be amazed by how much debris builds up in there.


4. Don't forget your office chair. You sit in your computer chair every single day. Is it overdue for a cleaning? Read our complete guide to office chair cleaning to learn more about effectively removing crumbs and stains, depending on what type of chair you sit in.



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