Are you in the market for a new laptop desk? If so, you're in the right place! We've compiled our top recommendations on the desk type that will work best for you based on the size of your office and the available space within it.

Start by taking some measurements to determine what size your office is and how much extra space you have. Nothing is worse than having no idea what you're looking for and wasting a shopping trip or selecting a desk that doesn't work for your needs.

Laptop Desks for Small Offices

With limited space available, you need to make your workspace as functional as possible. Below are our top 3 laptop desk recommendations if you work within a confined space.

Standing Desk

Standing desks or height-adjustable desks are a perfect addition to a small space for anyone who prefers to stand while working. Whether your goal is to burn extra calories or simply to offer variety to your day with the option to stand or sit, these desks offer a minimalist workspace with just enough room for your laptop and décor.

Dimensions: Typical width is 47" to 48" but can be as wide as 60". Depth ranges from 24" to 27.75". Height varies from 28" to 45".

Writing Desk

Writing desks are great for small spaces. They provide just enough room for your laptop and desk lamp in addition to ample writing space. Most writing desks also feature a single pull-out drawer for pens, pencils, and small office supplies.

Dimensions: Most have a width of 60" or 48" with varying depths and heights.

Compact Desk

Compact desks offer a smaller, more compact desk with storage features typically seen in desktop desks. Some features include a pencil drawer, utility drawers, file storage drawers, and hutches. Those looking for a mobile option may find a laptop cart or caddy helpful to transfer between rooms or as a perfect solution for easy storage.

Dimensions: Compact desk dimensions vary in size and shape.

Laptop Desks for Large Offices

With room to spare, you can afford a desk with a little more storage space. We've listed our top 3 recommendations for laptop desks that give you some extra space and functionality.

U-Shaped Desks

U-shaped desks are often used in a larger office. If you're looking for a desk that provides ample space and storage on either side of you while working, a u-shaped desk gives you 3 sections of work surface: the main desk, bridge, and credenza. U-shaped desks can come with or without hutches, depending on your storage needs. Wire management grommet holes also allow you to hide wires from view.

Dimensions: Sizes vary, but the typical desk width is 72", bridge 50", and credenza 72"W with a height of 30".

L-Shaped Desk

L-shaped desks are great desks that have a unique "L" shape. They’re perfect to use in corners but can also look great in the middle of a large room. These desks can come with or without hutches. They also make great multi-workstation desks, as you can easily put a desk on either side.

Dimensions: Typical width is 70", but they can go as low as 51". Depth is usually 80", and height can vary from 30" to 73".

Pedestal Desk

Pedestal desks either come in a single or double pedestal style. If you have a larger space, a double pedestal desk will work just fine. Designs range from traditional to modern. Most also feature wire management grommets to easily hide wires from sight.

Dimensions: Width typically varies from 52" to 72". Depth can range from 30" to 65", while height can range from 29" to up to 63.5" if a hutch is included.


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