Whether a long winter break or an even longer summer break, time off from school pulls students away from their studies and can make for a serious lack of productivity. Here are some ways you can keep your teens and tweens busy during long breaks from school while still allowing them to enjoy their time off.

Provide Extra Chores

In addition to regular daily chores, have your children take on additional duties during breaks from school. This can include putting away groceries, helping to make dinner or doing laundry. Incorporating extra household chores will teach added responsibility and keep your kids busy when they don’t have the structure of school.


Encourage a Part-Time Job

If your children are old enough to get a job, encourage them to work part-time during summer and winter breaks. Not only will working part-time keep a sense of structure in the student’s life, but it will also help teach them the value of a dollar and earning their own money.


Help Them Volunteer

Doing volunteer work during breaks will help students learn the value of helping others while maintaining that sense of responsibility and self-worth. Remember that volunteering should be a positive experience for the student, so allow him or her to choose a volunteer activity they will enjoy such as walking dogs for the local humane society or bussing a church dinner with their friends.


Keep Them Reading

It’s important to keep a student’s brain working even during a long break from school. One great way to do that? Visit your local library on a regular basis. Encouraging students to read outside of school keeps the brain working year-round while teaching young adults that learning is fun and not a chore.


What are your tips for keeping students busy during a long break from school?


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