Having passionate employees is the dream of every company. Why? It’s simple; passionate employees are engaged while working and, therefore, produce better quality work. Whether you’re comparing productivity levels or just overall fulfillment, a passionate employee will outperform a dispassionate worker every time. Passionate employees are committed, loyal, proud and emotionally tied to a company in ways that other workers aren’t.


While it’s pretty common knowledge that passionate employees are the ideal to have, what’s not as widely known is how to employ passionate employees. Hiring managers today ask questions and maybe even create personality tests. Some companies even offer to pay workers to leave if they simply aren’t passionate about the work they are doing. While finding passionate employees is a great idea, it can prove to be a losing battle more often than not. Why? One of the most pervasive misconceptions about passion is that it is innate; that is, it is a quality we are born with or simply always have, as opposed to one we develop. While this may be true for some, it is untrue for the majority of the workforce. Passion is something that can change, something that can be developed and shaped. Instead of just focusing on finding workers with passion during the hiring process, companies should also place more emphasis on fostering and encouraging passion to develop by taking specific actions.


Create a Culture of Gratitude: Yes, this is as easy as it sounds. Encourage the simple phrase “thank you”. It should come from everyone, whether you are a new, entry-level worker or you’re the CEO. Appreciate what others do you for you and make that clear. Thank you’s, high fives, special days out or catered lunches – show that it doesn’t have to be a designated employee appreciation day for everyone to be recognized and thanked for their hard work. When gratitude is shown, employees simply feel better about who they work with and the company they work for.


Offer Opportunities for Growth: First and foremost, we are passionate about things that truly interest us. That said, your company doesn’t have to be the most interesting company in the world for your workers to be passionate. By offering learning and developmental opportunities, employees are given the choice to learn more and further develop skills that are important and interesting to them. This is a great way to continually drive and challenge employees, while helping them grow professionally.


Have a Competitive Edge: This isn’t just for attracting customers. Offer something valuable to your workers that no one else is offering. It can be a benefit, a special event or even related to a unique learning experience. Whatever it is, just make sure it adds value and enriches your employees’ lives.


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