It’s time for the final and most current segment of our mini-series: A Brief History of NBF. This month, we’re covering the years 2005 to the present.

The Joining of TAKKT AG

In 2005, founders George and Julie Mosher retired, and, in 2006, NBF was acquired by K+K America, LLC, the U.S. holding company for TAKKT AG. TAKKT AG, which is based in Stuttgart, Germany, is the leading business-to-business direct marketing company for the office, business and warehouse equipment industries in both Europe and North America. TAKKT AG companies provide a vast offering of business products and are represented in 25 countries across the globe.


The Branding Redesign

Following its new ownership, NBF was given a makeover, complete with a new website, catalog design, logo and even a new tagline, which was voted on by employees. To this day, NBF staff in every department strive to live up to the motto they chose: “Furniture that Works. People who Care.” After all, it’s the ‘people who care’ part that really makes NBF a unique competitor in the office furniture industry.


The Future

The future is bright for NBF as it continues to focus on the principles on which it was founded in 1975. From its high standards for product quality to its dedication to superior customer service, there’s no doubt that there will be more to discuss in the next segment of A Brief History of NBF 10 years from now. As May’s 40th anniversary celebration quickly approaches, it’s the perfect time to reflect on how far NBF has come and how far it’s yet to go.


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