The Navy’s Furniture Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) program expired on Sept. 30, 2022. We understand that this might have caused some confusion for Navy and Marine Corps customers, so here is what you need to know to better transition into post-BPA shopping.  

How Can/Should Navy and Marine Corps Customers Shop Now? 

NAVSUP FLC Norfolk’s guidance indicates that Navy and Marine Corps buyers should now purchase through the GSA Schedules program.  

NBF has been a GSA contract holder since 2006. We encourage our Navy and Marine Corps customers to continue using our catalog of 2,000+ GSA contract items or shop our entire GSA collection at Create an account and sign in to view current GSA pricing. 

Other Ways to Shop GSA-Contract Furniture 

Did NBF Hold a Navy BPA Contract Before the Program Ended? 

Yes. NBF’s Navy BPA contract number was N00189-17-A-0110. 

Will the Navy BPA Program Come Back? 

Though currently there are no plans to bring the program back, NBF remains committed to making the purchasing process as easy as possible for our Navy and Marine Corps customers. If there are changes to the program, we will let our customers know. 

What Was the Navy BPA? 

The Navy’s Furniture BPA program consisted of a series of contracts predicated on suppliers’ GSA contracts. The awarded Blanket Purchase Agreements leveraged the Navy’s buying power, providing additional discounts to Navy buyers in exchange for a reduced pool of approved suppliers. 

BPAs streamline the buying process and reduce administrative burden by reducing recurring functions associated with repetitive creation of individual task orders. 

Additional information on Blanket Purchase Agreements can be found at:


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