Choosing the best whiteboard for a classroom can be a tricky business. Not only do you need to find something that fits within the school's budget, but you also want to get the best value for your money. Although glass whiteboards may be more of an investment than traditional melamine options, here are three reasons we recommend glass markerboards for schools.

Glass Whiteboards Don't Stain

There's no need to worry about writing over old marker stains because glass whiteboards are resistant to ghosting. How? Glass has a nonporous construction, meaning marker residue can't get trapped beneath the surface of the board the way it can with porcelain and melamine boards. This means that your glass whiteboard can survive for many years in the classroom without showing a single stain.


Glass Boards are Durable Enough to Last

Not only do these boards not stain, but they're built to last in general. There's nothing flimsy about these heavy-duty whiteboards, and although the up-front cost of glass is greater than melamine or porcelain, you'll be thanking yourself years down the road when you don't have to replace them. These marker boards were truly made to last. 


Glass Looks the Best

Simply put, glass boards look great. This is partially due to the lack of ghosting and scratches on the surface, but it's also because most glass boards have a frameless design that appears to float on your wall. Many manufacturers even offer glass boards in a huge array of color options, so you'll have plenty of exciting designs to choose from for your classroom.


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