Why Materials Matter: PVC-Free Furniture

Are you shopping for furniture that is appropriate for an educational setting or healthcare facility? If so, finding options that are PVC-free may be a priority. PVC is an abbreviation for polyvinyl chloride, a commonly-used synthetic plastic polymer. Lately, there has been a focus on using only small doses of PVC due to health concerns, as high concentrations have been linked to incidences of cancer.

PVC-free furniture options are typically made of polyurethane and ensure that even small doses of PVC are not present. This provides a higher level of safety necessary for places like schools, hospitals, clinics, and other settings where children and ill individuals are present. Whereas furnishings with small amounts of PVC are usually not harmful to healthy adults, they are typically not the best option for children with underdeveloped immune systems or people with compromised immune systems due to illness. Furthermore, if your business or facility must meet CA standards, PVC-free furniture, like that made out of polyurethane, is a great choice. 


At NBF, we proudly offer PVC-free options for our customers who need them. For example, the NBF Signature Series Mason Street Collection offers numerous tandem seating options, making it ideal for reception areas and waiting rooms. Pieces are available in numerous colors, from bold and bright to soothing and calming, so you can create the right tone and feel for your space. We’re continuously adding products, including PVC-free options, so you can easily find the solutions for your working needs.


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