Are you shopping for furniture that is appropriate for an educational setting or perhaps a healthcare facility? If so, finding options that are PVC-free may be a top priority. PVC is a common abbreviation for polyvinyl chloride, a synthetic plastic polymer that is often used. Lately, there has been a focus on using only small doses of PVC due to health concerns, as high concentrations of it have been linked to incidences of cancer.


PVC-free furniture options are typically made out of polyurethane and ensure that even small doses of PVC are not present. This provides a higher level of safety that is necessary in places like schools, hospitals, clinics and other settings where children and ill individuals are present. Whereas furnishings with small amounts of PVC are usually not harmful to healthy adults, they are typically not the best option for children with under developed immune systems or for people with compromised immune systems due to illness. Furthermore, if your business or facility must meet CA standards, PVC-free furniture, like that made out of polyurethane, is a great choice. At NBF, we are proud to offer PVC-free options for our customers who need them.

The NBF Signature Series Synergy Collection

The NBF Signature Series Synergy Collection is available in PVC-free polyurethane and in polyurethane/fabric options. This collection features a modular design, meaning that many configurations are possible so as to make the most of the space that you have. The Synergy Collection works wonderfully as an addition to reception area, employee break room or a casual meeting area. To learn more about this collection, be sure to read our collection spotlight.


NBF Signature Series Mason Street Collection

With numerous tandem seating options, the Mason Street Collection is ideal for reception areas and waiting rooms. Available in numerous colors, ranging from the bold and the bright to the soothing and the calming, you can create just the right tone and feel with the Mason Street Collection.


Officient Diamond Reception Collection

This small collection features gorgeous diamond button-tufted detailing from which it gets its name. This sofa and guest chair combination provides a modern, eye-catching look while supporting your guests in plush comfort. These pieces are also built to last, with a strong, chromed steel frame and a PVC-free 100% polyurethane upholstery.


Officient Bentwood Collection

The Bentwood Collection from Officient certainly provides plenty of visual appeal with stylishly curved arms and solid beech frame. Generously padded seats and backs also offer ample support and comfort. Whether placed in a waiting room, a meeting room or a private office, these seating options from the Bentwood Collection are an elegant addition.


We’re continuously adding products, including PVC-free options, so that you can easily find the solutions for your working needs.


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