Thanksgiving is tomorrow, so what better time to show a little appreciation for the co-workers who make your job easier, more fun and just plain better? If you’ve been meaning to show your gratitude to the people you work with but haven’t been sure how, here are some quick and easy ways to do it this holiday season.


Simply Say ‘Thank You’

It may not seem like enough, but you’d be surprised by how much a couple of words can affect someone’s whole day. Just take a minute or two out of your day today and say thanks to the co-workers you really appreciate. Chances are they appreciate you too, and saying it out loud will get those positive vibes flowing!


Say it in a Team Meeting

If you want to make your co-workers feel even better, say thank you in front of your whole team in your next meeting or get together. This way, not only will your co-workers know that you care, but they will feel even better knowing that everyone else knows it too.


Email the Boss

Who better to tell what a great job your co-workers have been doing than the manager? Managers are busy people who often don’t see the day-to-day goings on between team members. Shoot your boss a quick email simply letting him or her know that a co-worker makes a positive impact in your work life. Copy your co-worker on the email and watch a smile spread across his or her face!


Bring in a Snack

Haven’t you heard? Food is the way to an employee’s heart. Bring in a snack for your co-workers to share to show that you appreciate everything they do for you all year. The best part about this gesture is that you get to enjoy the treats too.


Nominate Them for a Prize

Many offices have programs that reward employees for jobs well done. At NBF, for example, we have an employee ‘fish pond’. Every week employees are encouraged to nominate co-workers who have made their day and on Fridays everyone gets to choose a small prize from the fish pond and a few randomly selected winners receive a gift card to a local store. We also have a jeans day system wherein employees can give each other coupons for a free denim day. Nominate your co-worker and show them you care!


How do you show your co-workers you’re thankful for them? Let us know!


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