Flip-arm chairs, chairs that have arms that you can flip up or leave down, can enhance the functionality and efficiency of any workplace. The ability to go armless offers several benefits, especially for police stations where officers prefer them because they don’t impede their duty belts. 


Aside from comfort and style, here are the top reasons why investing in chairs with flip-up arms may make sense for your organization. 

Lowers Furniture Costs 

Flip-arm chairs can be used for meetings, training sessions, interviews, briefings, and more. Investing in flip-arm chairs eliminates the need for multiple seating options, allowing you to save money and space.  

Professional Appearance 

Investing in quality, uniform flip-arm chairs that match the office design aesthetic reflects positively on the organization. NBF offers several flip chair options to match any style.  

Easy to Clean 

Ensuring that furniture remains clean, even in high-traffic areas, is important. Flip-arm chairs are often designed with materials that are easy to clean and maintain. 

Increases Accessibility  

Many flip-arm chairs are designed to meet accessibility requirements, providing comfortable seating options for individuals with disabilities, those with mobility challenges or people with larger bodies. 

Supports Employee Productivity 



Comfortable employees are productive employees. Many flip-arm chairs offer ergonomic adjustments to customize the chair to multiple users. 

 Long-Term Cost Savings 

Compared to basic chairs, flip-arm chairs may have a higher initial cost. Their durability and versatility can add to cost savings in the long term.  

4 Chairs We Love With Flip-Up Arms

Ready to make the switch to the improved flexibility of an office full of chairs with flip-up arms? Here are 4 of our favorites. 


Featured Product: Linear Vertical Mesh Task Chair

Why we love it: Enjoy a pop of contemporary style and functional features at a great price point. 


Featured Product: Avanti Executive Chair w/ Flip Arms

Why we love it: With a leather look and kinetic lumbar support, this chair has your back every time you lean, twist, and reach. 


Featured Product: Essential Mesh Back Chair

Why we love it: A memory foam seat means that you get all-over support instead of a couple of sore pressure points.


Featured Product: Omega 24/7 Big and Tall Chair w/ Flip Arms

Why we love it: With a 5”-thick foam seat and a weight capacity of 300 lbs, this chair was built to support a wide range of bodies for all-day comfort. 

Need Help? We’ve Got You 

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