If you’re of a larger stature, then a big and tall office chair will keep you much more comfortable while you work than a standard size seating option. Big and tall chairs are designed to hold more than 250 pounds of evenly distributed weight, and they’re the most ideal choice for users of over 6 feet tall. Check out our top picks for big and tall chairs:

The Stamford Leather Big & Tall Chair: This genuine leather executive chair supports larger users without sacrificing any amount of style. The luxurious leather upholstery is soft to the touch for a rich feel, and the hardwood framework artfully complements it. These features work together to create a look that is regal and professional.

The Space Big & Tall Mesh Chair: If you’re looking for a big and tall chair that will breathe, then this is the one. With a mesh back and padded mesh seat, this chair allows air to flow in and out to prevent the user from becoming overheated after multiple seated hours. This chair also comes with adjustable seat height, lumbar support, arm height, arm width, tilt lock, tilt tension and knee tilt controls to help you locate the best possible position for your body.

The Executive 24/7 Intensive Use Genuine Leather Chair: This is the Cadillac of big and tall chairs. With a 550 pound weight capacity and an extra-sturdy seven-leg base, it was designed to stand up to use 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Due to its intensive use construction, this chair is ideal for settings such as dispatch centers where a single chair gets used by multiple people during different shifts all day long. A myriad of ergonomic adjustments and genuine leather upholstery make it one of the most comfortable chairs we offer.

The Linear Big & Tall Memory Foam Stool: Whether you’re an artist working at a drafting table or you want to be able to switch from standing to sitting easily at your standing height desk, there are stools that come in big and tall varieties too. This NBF Signature Series stool features a mesh back for breathable comfort and adjustable armrests for support. The foot ring is also adjustable to that users of different heights can rest their feet comfortably.

The Omega Faux Leather Guest Chair: You’re not the only person in your office who wants to feel comfortable. Be sure that every guest who visits your company is offered a seat that will support them. The Officient Omega Guest Chair does just that, supporting up to 350 pounds and offering plush support with its padded cushions and faux leather upholstery.


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