LOFTwall focuses specifically on room dividers and privacy partitions, and is all about solutions, whether you are shopping for a commercial office, a healthcare facility, a hotel, an educational institution or even a residence. Their mission is to change the world one space at a time by creating innovative and straight forward solutions for every environment.

We’ve recently added LOFTwall collections to our selection at NBF to offer our customers a stylish, yet straightforward way to provide privacy or create designated spaces in their workplace.


Here are a few of our favorite options from LOFTwall:


Wave Panel Wall Partition

Whoever said panels have to be boring? This panel goes against the grain and offers the unexpected with a striking wave design that adds immediate visual interest. This Wave Panel Wall partition is available in three different sizes (52?W x 78?H, 76?W x 78?H, 100?W x 78?H), and all three sizes easily blend form and function. The alternating curves of the panel even act as a sound buffer to give you more privacy and to block out distractions. This panel is ideal for segmenting a large room into smaller areas.


High Panel Wall Partition

This High Panel Wall partition is designed to act as a tall barrier, whether you are using it to separate a collaborative working space or placing it in front of a workstation to give an employee a sense of privacy. This panel is available in three sizes, although all three measure a height of 78?. These panels also feature modular, interlocking frames, meaning that it is easy to configure an arrangement that works well with both your space and your working needs. With alternating solid and translucent laminate panels, this divider also brings a unique look to any room.


Low Panel Wall Partition

Similar in looks to the High Panel Partition, the Low Panel Wall Partition differs in height, as it features a shorter design. This makes it ideal for creating private sitting areas or for separating seated collaborative spaces. While the panel offers a distinct look, the modular design ensures that you can configure many panels to create just the look you want with the functionality that you need.


Don’t see what you’re looking for? In addition to these three different partitions, we also provide custom partitions from LOFTwall in just about any color or configuration that you may need. To place a custom order, call us at 800-558-1010.


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