Looking for seating that will support your employees and enhance the look of your office? The Array office chairs by NBF Signature Series are designed to keep you feeling cool and looking cool too. These modern office chairs are designed with ergonomic support, luxurious comfort and high style in mind, ensuring you and your employees get everything you want and need out of the furniture you work with every single day. Take a look at the functionality we built into this NBF exclusive collection.


Cool Comfort

One of the first things our designers knew that they wanted when putting together these chairs was a breathable mesh back that would support the user while keeping them cool throughout the work day. Because the back material is porous, it allows air to flow through it, preventing the individual sitting in the chair from overheating. A lumbar support bar sits across the lower back area of the chair and is adjustable to lend an additional level of comfort. To complement the support provided by the back, we added a 1” thick layer of memory foam to the seat cushion, which provides a customized level of comfort.


Ergonomic Support

In addition to the comfortable back support, NBF designers took steps to ensure the Array chairs would come with all of the features necessary to make them ergonomic seating options that could support a wide range of users via specific types of adjustments. The Array chairs come with adjustable seat depth, seat height, arm height, arm width, arm pad depth, arm pad pivot, tilt tension control, tilt lock and the aforementioned lumbar support. With all of these adjustments, it’s easy for most individuals to find their ideal seated position with a few simple flicks of the wrist.


High Style

Although we put user comfort at the forefront of the Array’s design, we knew we didn’t want to sacrifice style for support when we could easily achieve the best of both worlds. To bring the Array’s design into the 21st century, we paired black framework with a glossy aluminum chair base and back plate for striking contrast. Combine that with the attractive design of the mesh back and seat upholstery in fabric, patterned fabric and faux leather, and we’ve created a modern marvel that can fit in well with any contemporary workspace.


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