When you think of medical devices, your mind probably does not immediately form an association between them and office chairs. In fact, this association is probably not made at all, even upon further consideration.


Enter Neutral Posture, a manufacturer created in 1989 by Jaye Elizabeth Congleton and Rebecca Congleton Boenigk that focuses on seating products that support workplace ergonomics. The company was founded with a worthy mission; to become a leading provider of ergonomic solutions and high quality, innovative products in order to help customers create a safe and comfortable work environment.


Today, Neutral Posture is living up to their mission statement. The manufacturer has created many products that are now approved by the FDA as legitimate medical devices. This Neutral Posture High Back Ergonomic chair below, part of the Neutral Posture 8000 Series Collection and carried by NBF, is one of the Neutral Posture products that has been FDA-approved. This means that this chair has met high standards of safety and is covered by many insurance providers with a doctor’s prescription.


The technology of the chair above, as well as that of all of the other products offered at Neutral Posture, was developed by Dr. Jerome Congleton, Ph.D., PE, CPE, a Professor of Ergonomics and Safety Engineering at the Texas A&M University Health Science Center School. Dr. Congleton, inspired by the concept of the body’s neutral and preferred posture, designed chairs and seating that would help the user’s body emulate that concept. The body’s neutral posture is associated with weightlessness and reduced pressure, like when one floats in a swimming pool. The biggest benefit of the body’s neutral posture is that in such a state, the body is entirely stress-free; it achieves balance and equal spacing of vertebrae, eliminating any pain and discomfort.


Neutral Posture chairs feature customized, multi-density foam and contouring, which allows for the user to sit in the chair as opposed to on the chair, contributing to less pressure on the body and therefore a higher level of comfort. In addition, the advanced Cloud 9 technology offered by Neutral Posture features knitted material that further contours to the user’s body and thereby further supports the user. With such a design, Neutral Posture chairs deliver supreme comfort and less bodily pressure for those who engage in long-term sitting. A recent study has lately confirmed that this claim of significant pressure reduction is factual, as shown by pressure mapping.


With such a high level of comfort, users are sure to be able to work much more efficiently, no longer distracted and bothered by kinks in their necks, back aches or any other type of pain. In addition to encouraging a pain-free environment, these Neutral Posture chairs also promote health and wellness in the workplace.


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