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About National Business Furniture   

Who is National Business Furniture?

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Contact Information

How can I contact National Business Furniture?

Can I request a free catalog?

Hours and Locations

What are your hours?

Where are you located?

What is your mailing address?

Exclusive Lifetime Guarantee

What is your exclusive Lifetime Guarantee?

Products and Ordering

How do I place an order?

Are color samples available?

Do you sell other products not in your catalog?

I have my own fabric that I would like the chairs covered with. Is that possible?

Who is responsible for measuring?

How do I get help measuring my space?

How many people can I fit around a table?

Can you arrange for someone to assemble my product(s) for me?

What is flat-pack/RTA (ready-to-assemble) furniture?

What is partially assembled furniture?

What is fully assembled furniture?

Do your products meet fire code standards?

Are your products listed on the Ariba network?

What is Proposition 65?

Terms and Conditions


Approval of Orders

NBF Lifetime Guarantee

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Delivery & Installation

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Creating/Managing Your Account

Do I need to create an account to make a purchase?

What are the benefits to creating an account on

How do I create an account?

What if I forgot my password?

Can I create shopping lists/wish lists?

Payments and Discounts

Do you accept credit cards?

How do I qualify for open credit?

Are volume discounts available?

Is sales tax collected in my state?

Freight and Shipping

How is furniture delivered?

What is tailgate delivery?

What is inside delivery?

How much is my delivery?

How long will it be before my product arrives?

How long do I have to report delivery damages or product issues?

Is debris and carton removal included with delivery?


What features are most important when choosing an ergonomic chair?

Service After The Sale

How do I return my item?

Do you sell replacement parts for your products?

What is your return policy?

Who is ERC?


Can you add me to your mailing list?

Can you remove me from your mailing list?

Can you change my name and/or address on your mailing list?

Can you not rent my mailing address to other companies?

Special Services

How can I finance my furniture?

Do you offer any space planning?

Do you have an Affiliate program?

Can I customize purchases for my company?

Dun’s and Federal Tax Identification Numbers

What is your Dun's number?

What is your Federal Tax Identification number?

Can I see your W-9 Certificate?

Federal and State Government Information

Do you have a GSA contract?

Do you have state contracts?

Discounts On Government Orders

How do I find GSA schedule items?

Delivered Price Information

General Information

EFT Payment Information

Can NBF meet set-aside requirements?

Can NBF team multiple GSA schedules?

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