The Right Furniture for Your Market's Needs

Are you looking for industry-specific furniture that meets your design, budget, and quality needs? National Business Furniture specializes in outfitting several vertical markets, including traditional workplaces, healthcare facilities, government entities, educational furniture, as well as the hospitality industry. Every business has a different set of needs and requires specific attention and we're here to help you meet every

Business Furniture in Traditional, Contemporary, and Modern Styles

Outfitting an office isn't easy. From complete panel systems to the makings of an impressive executive office, National Business Furniture carries the national brands you trust to complete a beautiful and functional workspace. Find fixtures for shared spaces, such as conference rooms, breakrooms, and reception areas to complete your entire floorplan.

School Furniture for Every Educational Level

An elementary education space might need fun and funky flexible seating while a higher education environment needs durable, tech-ready touches for interactive learning. Find everything you need within our robust education vertical, featuring everything from student seating and desking to teacher-forward fixtures and more.

Create a Patient-Centered Healthcare Environment

Great healthcare furniture needs to adhere to demanding cleanability standards while still maintaining a comfortable aesthetic that puts patients at ease. Find suitable and agile solutions in tough vinyl, laminate, metal, and plastic finishes with all of the features you need to provide a great patient-centered experience in spaces including senior living, behavioral health, exam rooms, and more.

Shop Smart for Government Purchases

Need help navigating government purchases? We make it easy to shop GSA approved products along with other government purchasing schedules. Shop our vast online selection and look for the blue GSA tag on qualifying items. Our government sales team is standing by to further help with the purchasing process.

Hospitality Furniture for a Great Guest Experience

In order to provide the service, your guests expect your furniture needs to look the part and stand up to the rigors of high-traffic use. Indoor and outdoor spaces both need special treatment to satisfy this demanding sector. Find trending designs and inherent durability in our selection of furniture fit for hotels, food service, and other guest-facing industries.