Senior Living Furniture


Are you looking for seating, wheelchairs and bedroom furniture for your senior living facility? Senior living furniture includes anything and everything needed to keep residents comfortable and well cared for. From beds and healthcare grade seating to clocks and décor, you’ll find everything you need to furnish your facility right here. Furniture for senior living is made of healthcare grade materials for the health of caregivers and residents alike.

Furniture for Senior Living – Functional & Soothing Healthcare Furnishings

Senior living furniture comes in a vast and varied selection, encompassing every room in your facility from the front lobby to each individual resident room. Specialty seating and overbed tables are available, as well as bed and shower accessories that make senior living safer. Furniture for senior living also includes artwork and décor that helps to create a soothing, calm atmosphere. Plus, all senior care furniture comes with the NBF lifetime guarantee.