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National Business Furniture has all the home office furniture you need to make your home a comfortable workspace.


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Work from Home Resources & Tips

We have the desks, chairs and accessories you need to make you home office workspace or learning space comfortable. 

Are you looking for affordable, high-quality desks for your work from home space? National Business Furniture has you covered. We offer corner desks if you are looking to save space and double pedestal desks that come with built in storage. Whether you're looking for compact desks, standing desks, modern desks or anything else, we have you covered. 

Once you have your desk, make sure to find the perfect chair. We have big & tall chairs, computer chairs and more. Working from home should be just as comfortable & efficient as the office. Make sure to buy all the accessories you need. Find filing cabinets, desktop risers, monitor stands, monitor arms and more.

School from home? Students need a space to learn and grow at home too! National Business Furniture has an entire collection dedicated to education. Find simple desks, wiggles chairs and more to help your student excel!

Home Office Desks

Browse our selection of unique & modern home office desks. Improve your productivity with a high-quality home office desk from National Business Furniture. Whether you want some simple and modular, or a more complex desk with storage, we have a great selection to improve your home office. Shop for L-shape, standing, or even corner home office desk here.

Home Office Chairs

Make your home office as welcoming and comfortable like the rest of your home. Find the perfect home office chair to allow for maximum productivity and comfort. Take advantage of our best home office chairs that come with a lifetime guarantee. Find the perfect fit, material, size and shape for your new home office chair. 

Home Office Filing

Working from home has a lot of benefits, but many forget the importance of the storage in your office. Find modern home office storage to help keep your work from home productivity and organization. All of our home office filing cabinets and storage units come with a lifetime guarantee. Find file cabinets, mobile pedestals, lateral filing cabinets and more to help keep your home office organized.


Home Office Essentials

If you have the desk and chair but are looking for the needed extras, National Business Furniture has a wide variety of home office essentials & accessories. Find awesome additions to your home office like backrest, space heaters, desk risers, paper shredders, monitor mounts & so much more. Find unique things for your office here.


Learn From Home

If you have a child who is learning from home, find unique furniture to help your student be as successful as possible. Find home furniture for virtual learning like wiggle stools, ball chairs, student desk, whiteboards, room partitions and so much more. This shift affects everyone, make sure to give your kids the best learning environment during these strange times. Make virtual learning easier with learning from home furniture from National Business Furniture.


Desk Lighting


Create a positive work environment in your home office with modern desk lighting solutions from National Business Furniture. Browse through our large selection of desk lamps and other lighting options to complete your work from home office. With adjustable lighting, we can help you create a calm yet productive work environment with desk lights.


Adjustable Desk Risers

Save money by not having to buy a standing desk with adjustable desk risers for your work from home work station. Change from sitting to standing desk with these modular and mobile desk risers. These sit or stand desk monitor risers come with a lifetime guarantee and will help create a healthier work environment. Browse for adjustable desk risers here with National Business Furniture.