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Looking to take a comfortable seat at your workstation? Our office chairs come in a wide variety to suit your needs.


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Desk Chairs – Ergonomic, Executive & Conference Chairs


Check out our Complete Guide to Office Chairs for more information on how to select an office chair. Ergonomic options are available for those who want to find comfort while they work, while executive chairs are ideal for use in a corner office. Desk seating even includes stools and ball chairs.

The Most Common Styles of Office Chairs

Looking for the most commonly used types of office chairs? National Business Furniture has you covered, whether you’re outfitting a new floor of a highrise or a work-from-home space. We have all the most popular styles of chairs, including:

  • Computer Chairs: Covers a wide variety of seating options for the most common desk chairs
  • Executive Chairs: Often leather and with additional comfort features, executive chairs are notable because they look like a chair fit for a modern king or queen.
  • Reception & Guest Chairs: Create an inviting and functional space for guests with a variety of seating options and styles. For a more intimate or collaborative feel, we also have office sofas available.
  • Ergonomic Chairs: Built for all-day use, to help ward off sore muscles and joints.
  • Big & Tall Chairs: Typical chairs are one-side-fits-most. But when that doesn’t work, we have big & tall chairs available to make sure your team is comfortable.

Chairs for every part of your office

A single type of chair will not be suitable for every space, that’s why we have options to represent the variety of needs your space and team will require. Each option is selected to match the look, comfort and space requirements for each area of your business. These options include:

  • Office/cubicle: Great all-purpose chairs for the majority of offices.
  • Call centers: Meant to withstand the abuse of 24 hour use, plus more compact for easy mobility in tighter spaces.
  • Home offices: A wide array of styles to fit a more personalized workspace.
  • Reception areas: Set the tone of your company for guests and provide a comfortable gathering area.
  • Healthcare: Anti-microbial and easy to clean options for doctors offices and other healthcare settings.

Popular Office Chair Materials

  • Leather: Classic look, durable and a variety of options in full grain or top grain.
  • Vinyl: An affordable, man-made alternative to leather.
  • Mesh: Breathable material that is durable and can come in a large number of colors.
  • Fabric: A great multi-purpose material that is at home in most settings. There’s sure to be a color and material option that works for you.

Looking for something simple yet comfortable for your workstation? Comfortable office chairs come in a huge range of styles so that you can achieve your ideal seating position. Best of all, you can match your office chair with the guest chairs in your waiting room. Reception area seating comes in just about any color you can imagine. Computer chairs in this assortment come from top-rated brands like our exclusive NBF Signature Series