Café & Employee Lunchroom Furniture—Dining, Hospitality & More


Are you in need of stylish and practical tables, chairs and storage solutions to outfit your business lounge? Our employee lunchroom furniture, also called office cafeteria furnishings, is ideal for companies of all types. Our great selection of breakroom tables and breakroom chairs make your lunchroom or break area a relaxing spot. We even have breakroom furniture that Ships Today! From round dining tables to café height bar stools, there’s plenty to choose from here. Employee lunchroom furniture in any size or style will help your co-workers enjoy their well-deserved breaks.

Break Room Office Cafeteria Furnishings—Chairs, Bar Stools & More

Employee lunchroom furniture in this selection can breathe new life into an outdated break room. Office cafeteria furnishings can be found in both standard and café heights so that you may choose the most stylish and most practical option for your space. Corporate hospitality and home dining areas alike can benefit from these modern and traditional breakroom sets. Office cafeteria furnishings can be used for other business functions as well such as facilitating meetings and outfitting a reception area.

Looking for hospitality seating and dining surfaces for your employees or guests? Break room chairs in standard height, counter height and bar height will provide a comfortable place for individuals to rest while they eat, read or socialize. When it comes to tables, there’s a wide range of options at your fingertips from traditional wood styles to weather-proof selections for use outside. Outdoor lounge tables are generally made of metal or glass so as to deter damage that would otherwise be inflicted by the elements.

Break room furnishings can also function as tools for use in casual conferences. Meeting room furniture includes comfortable chairs, stylish tables and some storage space for important materials. Whether searching for conference furniture, lunchroom furniture or any other type of business furnishing, you won’t be disappointed by our selection. National Business Furniture has been proudly offering furniture that works from people who care for the last 40 years.