Get the Look for Less: Breakrooms on a Budget

Outfitting an office on a budget takes a lot of research and careful planning to secure the best deal while still getting what your business needs. If it's a beautiful breakroom you're after, plenty of affordable options exist to make your lunchroom look sharp and professional. Read on to learn more about our recommendations for achieving an expensive look for less in your office's breakroom.

Minimalist Look for Less

Want something a little more modern? Clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic at a minimalist price point can be tricky to come by. Fortunately, the Barista collection has the right office furniture to meet your needs. 

You can purchase chairs and stools with or without padded seats for comfort, and the coffee bean or vanilla bean wood back is just right for bringing a modern edge. Breakroom tables in a wide assortment of sizes mean you can create a complete table and chair set for less than $1000.

To incorporate an edgy, modern appeal throughout your breakroom, add chic throw pillows and area rugs to lounge areas and bold, abstract prints to the walls. A large statement clock or gallery wall is ideal for that large, blank wall you’ve been meaning to decorate.

Outdoor Look for Less

Who doesn’t love furniture that can go anywhere, any time? The best way to stretch your business dollar is by incorporating multipurpose office furniture into your breakroom. The best way to do this? Consider indoor/outdoor tables and chairs that can do double duty any time of year. 

These tables and chairs can be used indoors or outdoors, so you won’t need separate pieces of furniture for the different areas of the office. Simply move the breakroom furniture outside when the weather is nice and back in when employees would rather not venture out. Most importantly, many indoor/outdoor chairs and tables are priced well enough for nearly any budget.

Décor will differ depending on the indoor or outdoor application, but we recommend incorporating greenery into both spaces. The right landscaping on your office’s outdoor patio can create an upscale look on a small budget, and incorporating faux plants in your indoor breakroom will give employees a glimpse of greenery even when they don’t want to go outside.



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