Not all office chairs are created equal, but what should you look for? ANSI/BIFMA-approved desk chairs have faced rigorous tests that encourage manufacturers to produce better quality furniture and strive for safety and efficiency at the workplace.

Let’s look at ANSI/BIFMA approval and how this approval can help when making an office furniture purchase.

Office Chair Testing

To be considered ANSI/BIFMA-approved, a general-purpose office chair must adhere to the standards set for all basic office chairs and any standards set for additional features. Like office desks, testing for office chairs can take days, depending on how many specific features the chair has that need to be tested. An office chair passes a test by withstanding the repeated and predetermined applications of pressure or weight.

Passing ANSI/BIFMA Tests

If an office chair holds up against the barrage of ANSI/BIFMA testing, it earns an ANSI/BIFMA stamp of approval. This signifies the outstanding quality and durability of the product. An ANSI/BIFMA-approved chair is built to last. It is entirely safe to use daily in any office setting and encourages a functional and sustainable working environment. 

All ANSI/BIFMA testing is voluntary, as furniture companies and manufacturers independently choose whether to send their products for testing. Therefore, this approval truly shows dedication on the part of both the participating furniture companies and manufacturers to go above and beyond for customers.



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