Don’t you just love the way black office furniture seems to bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary, between warm and cool and between professional and homey? So do we! Black goes with nearly everything, which is why it has become such a popular choice in offices around the world, but not every black furniture set is created equal. Before taking the plunge into purchasing one of these tall, dark and handsome office sets, be sure to consider how much you want to spend, how much you want to assemble and how long you want your furniture to last. Here’s a quick snapshot of three of our most popular black lines here at NBF:

The Budget Option

The Sauder Edge Water Collection is an attractive and functional group of furniture that you’ll be able to enjoy in your office while saving a good chunk of cash. Members of this collection have a beautiful Estate Black finish and are constructed of laminate and engineered wood. The backs of most items are unfinished, meaning they must be placed up against a wall. Furthermore, every piece in this selection ships to you ready to assemble, so be sure to keep your tool belt handy!

The Pros: Beautiful, functional, affordable.

The Cons: Does not ship assembled, not designed for heavy use.


The Commercial Option

The Kathy Ireland & Martin Tribeca Loft Black Collection was designed to provide long-lasting beauty and reliability for corporate and home offices alike. From desks and cabinets to bookcases and hutches, every member of this set is artfully constructed using genuine hardwoods and veneers to ensure durability that you can trust. You’ll be able to enjoy using this group of office furniture for years to come, and striking features such as glass door storage spaces on executive desks give it a unique edge.


The Pros: Beautiful, functional, ships fully assembled, will last for years.


The Cons: More expensive, wood veneer may dent or scratch easily.


The Heirloom Option

The Hooker Telluride Collection is a grouping of statement pieces that you’ll be able to pass on to your children and they’ll be able to pass on to their children. Like Tribeca Loft Black, members of this grouping are constructed of hardwood solids and wood veneers, but these pieces take fine furniture to a more artistic level. Crown molding and picture frame details create a truly elegant appearance, while genuine leather inlays on desk tops are both beautiful and functional, preventing the top from getting scratched while you write. The bookshelves and hutches in this collection even feature interior lights so that you can proudly display your best décor.


The Pros: Beautiful, functional, ships fully assembled, will last for years, intricate and unique details, leather desk top won’t dent or chip.


The Cons: Most expensive.


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