The creation of OFM is a great story of what entrepreneurial spirit and hard work can accomplish. In 1995, after noticing a great need for faster furniture shipping, Abel Zalcberg started OFM with his wife Barbara in their home. The company soon began to build a reputation as a reliable and dependable business with fast delivery times. Today, the brand has expanded its reach and is known not only for its trustworthy and speedy delivery times, but also for its commitment to quality, innovation and economical prices.


OFM is now a thriving furniture distributor headquartered in Holly Springs, NC. They carry extensive product lines that cater to commercial offices, government buildings, healthcare facilities and academic settings. Even with substantial growth, the company is still family owned as Blake Zalcberg, Abel and Barbara Zalcberg’s son, currently serves as OFM’s Chief Executive Officer.

At NBF, we are happy to carry many furniture products from the committed team at OFM. Here are some of our favorite OFM furniture collections:


The Net Series Collection


OFM constantly challenges the unfortunate idea that office furniture is boring. As you can see above, the Net Series Collection offers bright tandem seating options that are ideal for a hotel lobby or an office reception area. The bright colors can make a room come to life. The mesh material of the seat is durable and can withstand heavy use while providing comfortable seating for any guests or visitors.


One of the coolest features of the Net Series Collection? You can take them outside! This collection, which includes both the chairs and tables pictured above, was designed to be used in both indoor and outdoor settings, meaning that you can take your work outside to enjoy the great outdoors.


The Marque Collection

The Marque Collection is one of the most popular reception collections on OFM’s dedication to quality and economical prices truly shines through in this collection. We especially love the modern curved reception desk which can comfortably accommodate two receptionists and adds a pleasing, professional aesthetic to a waiting room or reception area.


The InterPlay Collection

The best thing about this collection, which features a sofa with tablet arms and a chair with tablet arms, is the versatility it offers. This collection is appropriate for just about any setting, whether it is used as reception seating in a healthcare facility, as lounge seating for a university library, or as guest seating in an office, as pictured above. With tablet arms that can be used for working, reading, using a tablet, or simply left unused and folded down to the side, this collection offers a high level of flexibility depending on your needs. Work, play or lounge with the Interplay Collection.


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