How to Incorporate Greenery Into Your Office Space

We’re always looking for simple ways to make offices more comfortable and efficient. It turns out that adding some type of greenery, whether artificial or real, impacts how you feel about your office space and how well you work. There are many ways to incorporate greenery throughout the entire office to take advantage of the positive effects of plants.

Your Working Space 

Research has shown that adding a live plant to a working space can be incredibly beneficial. Have you ever wondered why nature landscapes are popular choices for screen backgrounds or even screen savers? One reason is that nature has been shown to have a restorative effect on workers—simply gazing at nature scenes or a plant or flower on our desk actually refreshes us. It gives us a bit of a break just by looking at it.

In fact, many people who have plants or some type of greenery in their office or cubicle report feeling less stressed and more energized when compared to those who don’t have any greenery whatsoever. Here are some great low-maintenance plants that do well in many traditional office environments:

  • Golden Pothos

  • Philodendron

  • English Ivy

  • Jade Plant

  • Spider Plant

  • Asparagus Fern

Artificial plants are also a great option for those who want the lovely appearance of a plant but may be too busy with work to remember to consistently water a live plant.

Reception Areas

Greenery can do a lot to transform a reception area or waiting room. Green is considered a welcoming and trustworthy color—2 qualities you definitely want your waiting room to exude.


As an oft-overlooked part of the office, restrooms usually don’t have much décor. Adding some wall art and a nice plant can elevate the space. Plants especially can make the usually drab room appear livelier and more inviting.

Get Creative 

Don’t be afraid to add greenery in fun, unique ways. Some standout workplaces include greenery in their designs, whether it’s the word “grow” made out of artificial plants and carved into the wall (also known as moss graffiti) or trees built into desks. Greenery can improve almost any space, so don’t be afraid to do something beyond the norm. The unique feature is sure to impress clients, employees, and other guests.


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