Your office space can support your business goals if you approach them the right way. Whatever space you’re updating, you want to lead with the question— will this make the time my team spends together more worthwhile? 


How you define “more worthwhile” will inform the spaces you update and how you approach your office design. Whether you’re looking to enhance collaboration, boost retention, upskill your workforce, or attract new talent, we’ll show you how a savvy approach to office design and space planning can help you meet the internal business goals that matter most to your company right now.  

Want to Enhance Collaboration? Look to Your Conference Room

If collaboration is at the top of your priority list, consider starting by taking a look at your conference room. Conference rooms are where teams hash out ideas, overcome challenges, and achieve the lightbulb moments that you need to move the needle in a meaningful way. When you bring a strategic approach to your conference room furnishings and layout, you’re supporting improved collaboration for every meeting that happens in the space.


Not sure how to get started? These are some of the top considerations when tackling conference room upgrades:

  • Start with a purpose-built design.

  • Incorporate hybrid meeting capabilities.

  • Consider layout and space requirements.

  • Keep comfort in mind.

  • Choose tech-friendly furniture. 

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Need to Upskill Your Workforce? Update Your Training Space

When you create a space for teams to upskill and grow, your organization is positioned to grow with them. Whether you’re looking to tackle a specific skill gap in your workforce or you more generally want to invest in employee training, a training room is a great place to start because it gives your organization tools to tackle change management more effectively, strengthen company culture, and prepare both employees and the company for the future. 


All these benefits contribute to improved employee retention. Workers are more likely to stay at a company where they feel valued and like they have the tools and skills they need to perform their job well.


To maximize the potential impact of your training room design, follow these design tips:. 

  • Choose a layout that best meets your education and learning needs.

  • Consider inclusivity and accessibility. 

  • Check acoustics and audiovisual equipment. 

  • Include a range of comfortable workspace options. 

  • Upgrade tech and connectivity features. 

  • Provide effective storage solutions. 

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Looking to Improve Retention? Consider Your Breakroom Design

Breakrooms will likely be appreciated by every employee who enters them, which is important given that highly talented workers want a great, relaxing space where they can unwind. By investing in your breakroom now, you can make a fast and easy-to-execute improvement that boosts morale while also helping to attract and retain top talent. 


What else can breakrooms do? They can:

  • Support improved work-life balance

  • Foster social connection

  • Improve employee wellbeing

  • Act as a key market differentiator for your business. 


Want to get the most out of investment in your breakroom design? Here are some of the top tips:

  • Choose furniture that promotes comfort and relaxation. 

  • Encourage social connection.

  • Champion health and wellness.

  • Offer worker-led personalization. 

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