Providing a quality workplace experience is a key driver impacting employees’ decisions to work in the office. While employee needs and preferences have changed in several ways over the last few years—including a desire for increased comfort, and places to focus and collaborate— many government offices aren’t yet equipped to meet these needs. 


According to the 2022 Gensler U.S. Workplace Survey, the top reason employees want to come to the office is to focus on their work. This reason is closely followed by access to technology and collaboration. That said, top workplaces need to provide a variety of employee experiences to address employee needs and preferences.  


“A good office meets your needs. A great office does some of the heavy lifting, making it easier to block distractions and providing design flexibility,” explains Rhonda Hagen, space planner and designer at NBF. 


There are 3 primary spaces in government offices that will have the biggest impact on the employee experience—improving productivity, collaboration, employee engagement, and more.  

Private Offices 

Private offices are still important places for focus and collaboration. Given the need to achieve multiple goals in one space, flexibility is key. 


When planning private offices, it’s important to remember that the people using the space may change before the furniture does. Choosing adjustable furniture with ergonomic flexibility helps employee productivity today and into the future. Options like adjustable height L-shaped desks are great because they can fit multiple bodies and offer the ability for focus sessions and for deep focus. For comfortable and durable seating, mesh office chairs are a favorite for government customers. Many are on the GSA contract and ship today. 

Reception Area 

This is the place where guests are able to pause for a moment to collect themselves before an interview, meeting, or tour. Modern, comfortable, and flexible reception areas can help make the right first impression.  


Reception trends are moving away from individual seating and toward comfortable and inviting pieces like sofas and loveseats. NBF design experts are seeing a lot of interest in collections with lounge-style furniture—like the Metropolitan collection—especially within state and local governments. 


Gone are the days when it was common for employees to sit inches away from their colleagues in open-plan offices. Instead, taller panels and dividers are giving workers the spaces for focus that they crave. 


Panel systems, commonly known as cubicles, are still a go-to solution for government customers. These spaces should provide places for quiet focus, include soft touchdown areas for teams to collaborate, and include power outlets and USB ports that allow employees to charge as they meet. To optimize panel system workstations, it’s important to partner with a supplier that has an in-house team of experienced designers who can plan the workspace to fit your needs.  

How NBF Supports Government Buyers

Fulfilling more than 20,000 government orders each year, NBF representatives know the complexities of government purchasing. Because of that, they know the best ways to make furniture procurement a breeze and offer a consultative service to government customers. Visit to shop more than 2,000 GSA-contract furniture items or call us at 800-588-1010.


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