The Ever-Changing Workplace

The workplace is changing. Most of these changes aim to improve employee life and, in turn, their productivity. Here’s a look at the changes taking shape and how they will affect workers as more companies take note.

Balance of Private and Public Working Spaces

After a huge migration toward open-plan spaces in order to ditch the cubicle, many companies have found that this setup isn’t as desirable as they were led to believe. While open-plan designs allow for more collaboration, other downfalls include a lack of privacy and more distractions. 

Today, many workplaces aim to find a balance in their working environments. Most of the research supports that most employees, especially those of an introverted nature, prefer to have a balance and, more importantly, a choice where they perform certain work tasks. While completing some work tasks in a large collaborative space may be better, other independent tasks require more privacy and quiet to allow full concentration. Having the autonomy to choose has been shown to increase workers’ productivity. Turns out, employees might just know best when it comes to where they work most effectively. More companies are entrusting them to make that decision.

More Flexibility and Better Work-Life Balance

As more millennials flood the workforce, companies recognize a shift in workers’ priorities. For example, millennials place a larger emphasis on flexibility compared to other generations. Many millennials say they would sacrifice salary if it meant having a more flexible work schedule. 

With more of the workforce looking for flexible positions that promise better work-life balance, more employers are likely to respond due to the worry of missing out on top talent. Technology also allows for more flexible working schedules as it grows better and more reliable. Many companies are offering the option to work from home.

Greater Concern About Health and Wellness

It is probably safe to say that most companies now understand the importance of keeping employees healthy and happy. Not only will happy employees be more productive and more loyal, but they are also sure to impact the bottom line in a beneficial, positive way. It’s simply good business to keep employees happy and healthy. More companies offer wellness programs or benefits that encourage employees to stay active. Other employers consider their office environment and how it supports workers’ health and makes the necessary changes, whether it’s incorporating standing desks into the workplace or holding the occasional standing meeting.


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