Does your business have curb appeal throughout all seasons of the year? It might not be something you have recently thought about, but it does factor in quite heavily when it comes to visitors’ impression of your business. While curb appeal may rely on certain aspects that are not easy to change, such as building color or structure, you can still do a few things to instantly enhance the space in your guests’ eyes.


Add Seating

Outdoor seating, whether in the form of a patio table and chairs or a few benches, can enhance the look of the business. This also adds functionality to a space that many businesses often under-utilize, creating a dining or resting area for employees on breaks.


Have Proper and Welcoming Outdoor Lighting

The last thing anyone wants to do is to approach a building when the path or sidewalk is dimly lit. While some lighting is sure to be provided by city street lamps, consider whether or not that light is enough. Properly lighting your business entrance and your business walkway, if you have one, ensures that everyone approaching your business can safely see and will feel welcome.


Add Outdoor Plants/Planters

These will require some maintenance to be sure, but they easily bring the beauty of nature to your company’s doorstep.


Dress up the Door

Whether it’s some festive decoration or a bold door color, dressing up the doorway to your business is an easy and impactful way to give your business a pleasing look. You’ll also want to ensure that the doors remain clean and well maintained. This is especially true for glass doors, at it is quite easy for them to become soiled with fingerprints and the like. You may also want to consider updating the door hardware – that is the handles or pulls.


Add Outdoor Arbors, Sculptures, Fountains and Other Outdoor Art

A piece of outdoor art can go a long way, whether it is a water fountain or an outdoor arbor. Whatever décor you choose should also reflect your company’s mission and culture.


Add Receptacles

While trash cans and recycling stations are not often praised for their beauty, they can help you keep the outside entrance to your business neat and tidy by presenting those passing through or those leaving with a place to neatly dispose of their trash.


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