Regular office space updates are one of the clearest ways to demonstrate commitment to your employees. But how can you have the greatest impact on a tight budget? 

We asked our office furniture experts about how to find the best bang-for-buck office upgrades. 

#1: High-Impact Communal Areas 

Communal areas were the stand-out upgrade choice for the majority of office settings. 

The logic is straightforward: communal areas benefit the whole team. When multiple employees can benefit from a single investment, the return on that investment increases. There’s also the aesthetic aspect – communal spaces are often part of the first impression of your business, not only for employees but also for clients and guests. 

Lounges and Casual Meeting Spaces 

Casual seating areas are perfect for impromptu discussions, brief meetings, or relaxing during breaks. They can also mimic the home environments that many employees have become accustomed to. Post-pandemic, more people work solo in these areas just to change up their setting and posture during the workday.  

Resi Lounge Chair

Featured product: Resi Lounge

Communal Height-Adjustable Conference & Collaboration Spaces  

Many businesses are setting up large height-adjustable tables or adjoining smaller adjustable tables to create flexible collaboration spaces. Teams can quickly configure the same room for quick stand-ups, longer seated meetings, or solitary laptop work.  

These rooms need enough space to move chairs around easily, so don’t push it if you intend to actually stand during your stand-ups. 

At Work Height-Adjustable Desk

Featured product: At Work Height-Adjustable Desk

#2: Lower-Cost Individual Ergonomic Upgrades 

A close second: Ergonomics. If you're hearing a lot of complaints about seating or other ergonomic issues, you should probably get this fixed first. 

The goal here is to make the biggest impact on employee comfort without breaking the bank. 

Ergonomic Chairs 

Employees might not even realize their chairs are a problem, but their backs do! Back pain and other musculoskeletal problems can manifest over time due to poor-quality chairs. Posture injuries can leave your most important team members at reduced or no capacity for days, weeks, even months. Investing in ergonomic chairs with good lumbar support, arm & seat adjustability, tilt, and cushioning can often pay for itself with future productivity. 

Check out the Chair Ergonomics 101 guide for all the other considerations when choosing your next office chairs. 

Featured product: Perspective Ergonomic Mesh Chair

Ergonomic Accessories 

While chairs might be referenced the most when it comes to office ergonomics, other accessories can also assist in improving the health and well-being of your employees. Low-budget items such as keyboard trays, dual monitor arms, and footrests can be easy ways to provide additional support to workers while in the office.  

Dual Monitor Arm with USB Ports

Featured product: Dual Monitor Arm with USB Ports

#3: Higher-Cost Individual Ergonomic Upgrades 

Yes, the most common concern after basic ergonomics... is more ergonomics. 

Height-Adjustable Desks 

Ergonomic chairs can only be so effective without a proper desk.  

Firstly, great ergonomic posture often requires a specific desk height for different users. Factors such as comfortable foot contact, level elbows, and proper computer monitor height are much easier to achieve with an adjustable desk. 

Secondly, height-adjustable desks are popular for the sit-to-stand feature. Prolonged sitting is very hard on the human body. The ability to stand and work, even for a little while, does wonders for employee comfort and overall job satisfaction. Employees tend to have more energy and productivity after switching to sit-to-stand desks. And a lot of people can’t stand working without one. 

Statesman Adjustable Height L-Shaped Desk with Left Return

Featured product: Statesman Adjustable Height L-Shaped Desk with Left Return

Complete Ergonomic Workstation 

A full ergonomic setup also includes footrests, ergonomic keyboard and mice, adjustable monitor arms, and even proper lighting. These additions can significantly decrease the chances of work-related strains and injuries.  A more complete ergonomics package clearly demonstrates a company's commitment to employee well-being, leading to improved morale and job satisfaction. 

Allure Height Adjustable L-Desk Office Suite

Featured product: Allure Height Adjustable L-Desk Office Suite    

Follow these guidelines, and you’ll knock the most important areas out one by one. But don’t forget to form some consensus – people will be even happier if they’re given input into the process. 

Contact one of our Furniture Consultants to help you decide which options are best for your budget.


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