It’s time for the third installment of our 40th anniversary mini-series—A Brief History of NBF! This month, we’ll touch on a few of the milestones that National Business Furniture accomplished between the years of 1995 through 2005.

The New Headquarters

NBF’s team of furniture experts continued to grow, and more space was needed to hold them all. That’s why the company relocated to the City Center at historic 735 North Water Street where its headquarters remain to this day. Executive suites line the entire fourth floor of the building and are used as miniature working showrooms for outside sales representatives to show to their customers who are curious about a certain line of furniture. Plus, employees get a pretty nice view of the Milwaukee River from up there.


The Online Catalogs

Due to the fast rise of the internet, NBF launched its very first website in the year 2000. The new online catalog provided 24 hour service and allowed customers to shop for a much wider range of products than the NBF catalog could display.


The Olympics Broadcast Commercial

In 2004, National Business Furniture tried out a new marketing experiment by broadcasting a 30 second long commercial during the summer Olympics.


The Hardcover Catalog

Soon after, NBF introduced its special-edition hardcover catalog for a select list of loyal customers. This eye-catching catalog provided a more durable source of reference that would more easily stand up to frequent handling. The hardcover NBF catalog is still sent to our top customers today.


The Outside Sales Team

Unlike most other catalog companies and online retailers, we know how important it is to receive live assistance from a real expert in the field. That’s why in the early to mid-2000s we put a major focus on increasing and improving the NBF outside sales team. No matter if you’re outfitting an enormous space with furniture or you just need some design help, our outside sales representative are available in most areas across the United States to assist you with your furniture needs.


Thanks for reading this segment of A Brief History of NBF! Stay tuned next month when we’ll be doing our final segment: 2005 to the present day!


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