Company culture is important. It’s a statement that can’t really be argued. Company culture impacts the happiness and the productivity of your workers. It shapes how your customers view your business and whether or not they want to buy your products or receive your services. It also has an effect on what kind of talent and potential employees that you attract. In short, company culture impacts how successful a company was, is and will be.


Companies now are aware of, perhaps more than ever before, how much company culture impacts every aspect of their business. They are taking specific actions to craft their culture and placing more emphasis on finding an applicant who is not only qualified but also a cultural fit during the hiring process. The best kind of company culture isn’t necessarily one that is the trendiest. It has to be what best aligns with your company’s goals, strategy and overall mission. Changing a company’s culture is definitely possible, although it will take a lot of effort from those currently on board. Many companies that place a large emphasis on workplace culture, like Google and Zappos, have actual written “culture books” that describe just what it’s like to work at their company. This can be a great way to reintroduce or begin to shift company culture.


Another item that can greatly shape how your company’s culture is perceived is a bit less obvious – your office’s furniture. Office furniture speaks volumes to visitors and employees alike in a way that many may not even think about. Your office and the design is becoming an important reflection of the company. Office furniture can support the current company culture or help you shift to a culture that better aligns with your goals.


For example, many start-ups that place a high value on flexibility offer office spaces with mobile furniture and open office areas with casual, relaxing furniture.


High tech companies that value cutting-edge products often feature sleek and modern furniture that reflects this value.


Law firms often feature traditional furniture design to showcase a high level of professionalism and prestige that goes hand in hand with the profession.


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