NBF has recently added the new Physical Therapy Collection from Clinton Industries as part of our ever-growing selection of high quality, affordable healthcare selection. This collection focuses on providing the pertinent pieces that every physical therapist needs to aid patients throughout their recovery and rehabilitation journey.

The Physical Therapy Equipment Rack conveniently stores all of the items needed for any therapy session. With rolling casters and peg rack design, it’s easy to simply grab and replace whatever your patient needs to complete their session, whether it’s a resistance band or a set of weights. With easy to clean laminate, the storage rack is a functional fit for a healthcare setting.

If you’re in need of a larger storage cabinet for all of your equipment, the Mobile Physical Therapy Exercise Cabinet, which is available with or without a weight bar, might just be the ideal solution. This cabinet reaches a height of 65? and allows you to neatly store everything from cuff weights to exercise bands. Keep your physical therapy space clear and safe for patients by using these convenient storage cabinets.

Mirrors, too, can prove to be extremely helpful as a physical therapy tool. Mirrors allow patients to view and correct their form as they perform strengthening exercises. Whether relearning to walk or using mirror therapy to help patients who are suffering from phantom limb pain, this Physical Therapy Adult Mirror is sure to be a crucial part of any physical therapy clinic.

Find even more affordable healthcare solutions with our complete collection.


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