Whether you’re outfitting a brand new school or replacing your school’s old student desks, there are a ton of options to choose from when it comes to the workstations you choose for incoming students. Before you make your final decision, you’ll want to determine what types of needs students in that classroom will have, and you may find that not every class will benefit from the same type of desk. So without further ado, these are the most common types of student desks along with some benefits to each.

Open Front Desks

Open front desks are the most popular options for elementary classrooms because they are simple but versatile. This type of desk has a book box underneath the work surface facing the user so that reading materials and school supplies are easily accessible. Open front desks usually come with height adjustable legs, meaning you’ll be able to set each desk to fit individuals perfectly.

open front student desk

Lift Lid Desks

Lift lid school desks are similar to open front desks in most ways, but the lift lid models have, well, a lid that lifts! Rather than offering a simple opening for books and belongings, the lift lid desk has a hinged lid that can be lifted up completely. The benefit to this is that lift lid desks provide complete access to desk contents, making it easier for students to see all of their books and school supplies rather than having to stick their arm in an opening and blindly rummage for materials.

lift lid student desk

Student Chair Desks

A student chair desk is a desk with a chair attached to it. In these types of workstations, the book box is typically built underneath the chair, but many options do not come with any book box at all. This type of desk is ideal for high school and university settings wherein the student is not using the same desk all day, every day and therefore does not have the need for a large storage space within the desk.

student chair desk

Collaborative Learning Desks

If you’re teaching in the type of classroom that does a lot of collaborative work, then you’ll want some modular desks that can be easily pushed together and pulled apart at any time. These types of desk are typically made in unique shapes that make them easy to fit together for use in team exercises, and they do not usually come with any storage. Collaborative learning desks are rapidly growing in popularity and are commonly used in a variety of school settings ranging from k-8 to university level classrooms.

collaborative student desks

Standing and Adjustable Height Desks

Another growing trend in classroom design is the larger scale use of standing desk alternatives. Studies have shown that sitting for prolonged periods of time can lead to a myriad of health risks in adults, so it only makes sense that we’d want to start our children on the right path to a more active lifestyle from an early age by incorporating standing into the classroom. Some desks such as Safco’s Alphabetter even have built in footrest bars that swing so that young students can release energy during lessons.

student standing desk

What type of desks do you use in your classroom? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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