Healthcare design is moving away from the cold and sterile rooms most often associated with the industry. Instead, facilities are trying to find new ways to incorporate design elements that are welcoming and warm to make patients and their visiting family members and friends as comfortable as possible. It’s a trend that is sure to further improve healthcare facilities and shift furniture demand.

An easy way to incorporate more charm is by adding calming yet warm colors and wood tones to the room. Solid wood furniture, however, is not always the best option for healthcare settings due to its porous nature.

On the other hand, these laminate wood options provide the look and warmth of wood combined with a nonporous construction that is easy to clean and disinfect in demanding healthecare environments.

Behavioral Health Four-Drawer Dresser

Specifically designed for the behavioral healthcare market, this Behavioral Health Four-Drawer Dresser provides safety and peace of mind for your staff and patients. Made out of high-pressure laminate, this storage solution also offers patients a place to store personal items, therefore encouraging a clean and neat environment. This patient storage also provides a warm, cheerful look that will brighten any healthcare facility.

Café au Lait Oversized Stools and Round Bar-Height Table Set

Lunch rooms are also a vital part of most healthcare facilities. This Café au Lait Oversized Stools and 30” Round Bar Height Table Set features antimicrobial vinyl upholstery, steel frames, laminate backs, and laminate surfaces. This makes cleaning a breeze—a feature especially necessary in a cafeteria setting where messes are apt to happen. The many different color options are cheerful and bright, helping create a comfortable and relaxing dining experience for patients and guests.


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