<html> <head> <title></title> </head> <body> <p>Have you been searching for heavy-duty waiting room furniture to support all of your patients and visitors? Our bariatric chairs also called extra wide guest seating, have a substantial weight capacity to offer both comfort and safety to people in any type of healthcare or office environment. These patient care furnishings are ideal for any medical office, private practice, or dental clinic. Bariatric chairs are oversize waiting room seating options with extra-wide seats and weight capacities of more than 300 pounds. These heavy-duty plus-size office chairs can support most visitors and are built to last. All of our modern bariatric office chairs come with a lifetime guarantee.</p> <h2>Heavy-Duty &amp; Extra Wide Bariatric Office Chairs</h2> <p>Bariatric office chairs feature durable construction and quality materials in order to ensure the safety and support of any individual. Extra-wide &amp; heavy-duty guest seating offers a minimum weight capacity of 300 pounds. Popular bariatric products include antimicrobial recliners, big and tall office chairs, and armless benches. Extra-wide office seating is necessary for healthcare clinics that assist a variety of patients.</p> <h2>Reception &amp; Waiting Room Bariatric Furniture</h2> <p>Do you need comfortable furniture in patient rooms to give guests a place to sit and to provide residents a break from their bed? <a href="/chairs/healthcare-recliner">Healthcare therapy chairs</a> serve a dual purpose as they are used both as visitor seating and for accommodating family members for overnight stays. These doctor&#39;s office recliners give outpatients and blood donors a comfortable place to sit while drawing or receiving fluids. Our <a href="/healthcare-furniture">furniture for hospitals, clinics and other high traffic areas</a> offer easy to clean upholstery. At NBF, we know that healthcare settings have very specific furniture needs, such as antimicrobial vinyl lounge seating that is not only impenetrable, but also inhibits the spread of germs. At <a href="/">National Business Furniture</a>, we are proud to offer commercial-grade furnishings made specifically with the challenges of a heavy use environment in mind. Find more related products like these modern heavy-duty bariatric office chairs in our <a href="/reception-and-lounge">Reception</a> &amp; <a href="/healthcare-furniture">Medical Furniture</a> pages.</p> </body> </html>

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