You invested a lot to have nice leather furniture, and you’ll want to take care of it to make it last for many years. An important step to keep it looking new is to clean it regularly. Below are some common at-home DIY solutions to clean your leather furniture.

Leather Cleaner

Leather cleaner is a quick and easy way to give your chair or sofa a like-new look. Give furniture a spray or two and rub gently with a cloth. Repeat as needed.


Vinegar and Linseed Oil

Vinegar and linseed oil is a great home remedy to clean leather. This mixture consists of one part vinegar to two parts linseed oil. To apply, simply mix in a small jar and rub it into the furniture with a cloth.


Rubbing Alcohol and Water

Combine one part rubbing alcohol and one part water in a small bucket or pitcher. Rub into furniture with a cloth. Consider using a conditioner afterward, as rubbing alcohol can dry out leather.


Cuticle Remover

Cuticle remover is a remedy that’s not commonly known but very useful. It’s an effective remedy for cleaning pen marks off leather. If you notice any pen marks on your leather chair or sofa, you can easily remove them with cuticle remover. Just dab a small amount on the stain and rub away with a cloth. If it doesn't work the first time, let it sit for 24 hours and try again.



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