Large or small, the lobby in your school should be comfortable and accommodating for students, parents, guests and school staff. Read on to get a detailed look into what you should add to your school’s waiting area.


Reception desks come in a huge selection of sizes and styles to suit any type of reception area. From large, rounded desks for open waiting areas to smaller desks that only accommodate one school secretary, you’re sure to find an option for your school within this selection. These desks also come in a variety of styles so that you can match the modern look or traditional charm in the rest of the space.


Reception seating should be comfortable and easy to clean. Go with chairs that have well-cushioned seats and are upholstered in vinyl, which is much easier to wipe down for cleaning than fabric. You may also want to select seating that has a gap between the back and the seat so that crumbs and debris won’t get lodged in the creases of the chair.


Announcement boards include both whiteboards and bulletin boards which can be used for, you guessed it, posting announcements in your school lobby. While wall décor will bring a little style to the space, announcement boards are functional options that can be updated whenever new events and announcements need to be made.


Floor mats will keep the floors in your lobby looking their best and lasting much longer. Mats come in a huge range of sizes and colors, so you’ll have no trouble finding an option that perfectly fits within your lobby. Position floor mats just outside your lobby and inside your lobby as well to maximize their efficiency.


Coat racks provide a designated space for guests to keep jackets and purses while they wait. Not only do these make the waiting experience easier for visitors, but they also help keep your lobby cleaner and better organized.


Magazine and brochure racks come in freestanding and wall-mounted varieties. These will allow you to display reading materials that guests can enjoy while they wait. They also make an ideal spot to house commonly passed out brochures so that they are easy for guidance counselors and staff to reach whenever needed.


Display cases allow you to show off awards and student work in your lobby. Be aware that most display cases are quite large, so you’ll want to measure your space before purchasing one.


Occasional tables include coffee tables, end tables, and sofa tables. Providing any combination of these different types of tables will allow guests in your waiting area to fill out paperwork and set down beverages more easily.


Crowd control is a required accessory for spacious lobbies that see a large number of people at the same time. Stanchions will provide flow within a lobby and show guests where lines begin and end at a glance.


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