There is a certain type of office design that is popping up everywhere – the appropriately nicknamed “fun” office design. Offices with this design have all sorts of playful features, from curvy slides to Foosball tables in the break rooms.


You have probably seen at least one of Google’s fun offices scattered about the world – the slide pictured above is from Google’s office in Zurich. Google is well-known for their large and relaxed office design, and other companies, including some start-ups, have followed their example. With entertainment rooms, fitness centers and more, these offices often create a place that you simply cannot imagine ever wanting to leave.


Of course, never wanting to leave the office could be either good or bad, depending upon how one views it. As a benefit, maybe more work is accomplished and employees are more productive. On the negative side, perhaps such a design further blurs the distinction between work time and down time, which serves to only make it more difficult to maintain a work-life balance. More importantly, though, is the question of how conducive these offices actually are to work. Are these cool, playful features, such as the pool tables and the putting greens, used often? How does one working in such a fun office limit distractions and balance their work load?


Would you like to work in one of these offices? Would these unique features provide refreshing breaks that would further stimulate your vigor and inspire you? Or do you think the playful atmosphere would cause you to lose your focus?


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