Making decisions about your workspace design is more important than ever. We’re living through rapid shifts in the corporate landscape. Organizations are struggling to attract and retain new talent—and office design plays an essential role. 


According to a recent Gensler report, “The quality of the workplace is a key driver in influencing employees’ decision to work in the office.” Since the pandemic, individuals have come to expect the office to deliver a different experience. Employees want the flexibility to work how they want to work, lounge-like seating that provides a space for connection with colleagues, and the ergonomic comfort missing from most home office setups.


Here’s how you can make simple updates to offer employees the “new office essentials” for 2023 and beyond. 

Adjustable-Height Standing Desks

Grant your team flexibility to work their way. Adjustable-height desks allow users to switch between working in a seated or standing position throughout the day. This allows for more active positioning during work without having to commit to one position over the other. Electric adjustable desks like this one allow you to transition from sitting to standing (and back again) with the push of a button. 


Featured Standing Desk: At Work Adjustable Height Desk

What’s to Love: “Simple, yet sleek and useful for any workspace.” - Lori, NBF customer

Discover the At Work Desk.

Lounge Seating

In addition to traditional office needs, workers now want the office to provide a mix of experiences—comfortable places for casual conversations and quiet areas to work away from their desk included. As a result, lounge seating is a new office must-have. Create spaces for your teams to connect in small groups, sink into brainstorming, or get cozy so they can clear out their email and reach “inbox zero.”


Featured Lounge Seating: Luxe Designer Guest Chair

What’s to Love: This guest chair gives you stylish club seating that will stand up to the heavy use of a commercial environment. 

Discover the Luxe Designer Guest Chair. 

(Serious) Ergonomics

You know what the office usually has that the home doesn’t? Serious ergonomics. After a couple of years of working from a dining room chair or a home office chair that wasn’t designed for all-day use, your team could use more support—literally. Look for ergonomic seating that’s tricked out with ergonomic bells and whistles like adjustable seat depth, seat heights, arm width, arm depth, 3D arms, and tilt lock. 


Featured Ergonomic Chair: Sleek Chair With Headrest

What’s to Love: This chair offers robust ergonomic features in a sleek package. It offers a 250 lb. weight capacity and a breathable mesh back (great for those who tend to run hot). 

Discover the Sleek Chair with Headrest.

Organization and Secure Storage

Give your team space to store paperwork and personal items. File pedestals like this one are designed to fit under most desks, giving team members easy-to-access storage without cluttering their workspaces. Letter- and legal-sized file storage can be great for storing important records or even notes for ongoing projects. 


Featured File Solution: At Work 2-Drawer File Pedestal

What’s to Love: The top drawer locks, giving team members a place to store valuables when they’re in the office. 

Discover the At Work 2-Drawer File Pedestal.

Need Help With a Bigger Project?

You don’t have to become an office furniture expert overnight. That’s what we’re here for. We offer design planning services for larger projects. If you just need help figuring out which desk will be the best for your space, our network of 100+ sales professionals across the nation can help you make sense of everything from grommet holes to BIFMA testing to egress requirements.


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