It feels like offices everywhere are in flux. 


In the wake of the pandemic, many companies are redesigning their spaces to support healthier ways to connect and collaborate. Remote and hybrid teams have reduced the need for square footage, prompting many companies to move to smaller offices. And remote workers are finally committing to setting up comfortable, productive home offices rather than making do at the dining room table all day. 


The result of all this? A lot of rearranging. Chances are, you need office furniture. 


Whether you’re a remote worker in need of a home office setup or an in-office worker in need of an upgrade, this 3-step guide will give you the guidance you need to get your office furniture request approved. 


Let’s get started.

The 3-Step Guide to Getting Office Furniture Requests Approved

1. Explore Your Options

Doing a little research is the best way to make sure your request gets approved. You don’t want to ask for less than what you need, nor do you want to ask for something your manager may consider unreasonable. 


Clarifying what you need—and how company policies may support it—will set you up for a successful request.

What furniture do you need, exactly? And how much does it cost?

Your manager won’t be able to approve a request without a dollar sign attached to it (the finance team tends to be picky like that). So before you ask, get clear on exactly what furniture you need and how much it will cost. 


Put together a list of the furniture necessary for you to do your job effectively, and do a little online research to determine the estimated cost of each item. At a minimum, this should include: 

  • Desk and chair

  • Organizational items like whiteboards or file cabinets

  • Ergonomic devices such as laptop stands or under-desk mats

  • Office lighting

If you’re asking for in-office furniture, you also may need a dividing wall or cubicle to reduce noise and distractions.

Does your company offer a home office stipend? What are the details of the stipend? 

A home office stipend is a fixed amount of money given to you by your employer to cover the costs of working from home. If your company employs a substantial number of remote or hybrid workers, there’s a good chance your benefits package includes a home office stipend. 


Since there are no federal home office stipend mandates, laws around covered costs, timing of payments, and how those payments are made vary from state to state. Look up the laws for your state so you understand what kind of home office stipend you may be entitled to.


Then ask your employer for all the details of the stipend: 

  • How much is the home office stipend?

  • What equipment or expenses may be included in the stipend?

  • Is there a standard process or set of requirements for making use of your stipend?

  • When and how is the stipend paid out?


Thoroughly review the details of your employer’s home office stipend to determine whether the furniture you want to request can be included in the stipend. This could save you some legwork.

What’s the company policy for requesting equipment, furniture, or software?

If you just need a single item of furniture, such as a chair, getting your request approved could be easier than you think. Many companies have simplified policies for lower-cost expenses to minimize paperwork and hassle.


Ask your manager or an HR representative to clarify what policies are in place, what the standard request process is, and whether you should be aware of a cost benchmark.


If you find that your office furniture request will be larger than the milestone amount, don’t worry: This doesn’t necessarily mean that your request will be denied—it just means it may be a little more work to get approval.

2. Keep Your Ask Focused on Mutual Benefits

It’s easy to get excited at the prospect of some shiny new furniture, especially if your current workstation is causing aches, pains, or frustration—but don’t lose sight of the primary goal of your request: enabling you to be as comfortable and productive as possible. 


ROI is often a factor when managers make decisions, so take a business-minded approach to the ask and highlight how the new office furniture will help you do your job even better. By centering your office furniture request on how it will support your performance as an employee, you’re showing consideration for company finances and the motivation to continuously improve your work product—both of which managers love to see.

3. Make It Easy for Your Boss to Say Yes 

Set yourself up for success by including all the context and details your manager needs to easily approve your request. 


Here’s a quick checklist: 

  • Itemized list of all furniture you’re requesting

  • Estimated cost of each piece of furniture and estimated total purchase price

  • How the furniture will help you work better

  • Any related forms or documents company policies require you to submit


If you have a disability and your request falls into the category of Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) accommodations, note it clearly for your manager. Employers must follow specific federal guidelines and obligations employers for ADA accommodations requests. 

Bonus: Here’s an Office Furniture Request Script You Can Use

To save you a little effort, we have a template you can use for your office furniture request:


Hi, [name of boss or HR rep]. 

I’d like to request some new office furniture to help me improve my job performance.

Below, I’ve outlined some of the struggles I’m having with my current furniture and how it’s limiting my job performance. 

To obtain all the furniture required to do my job effectively, I estimate the total cost to be [dollar amount or range]. I’ve included some sample pricing for you to review.

I believe this purchase will ensure I’ve got everything I need to be as productive and comfortable as possible so I can do my best work and continue driving the business forward. And it’s my understanding that this would be in line with state law and/or our company’s existing policies. 

I’m eager to hear your thoughts on this request and get it approved so I can purchase the new furniture by [date]. Can we finalize this during our next 1:1? 

Next Step: Purchasing Furniture…

Aaand that’s it! You’ve requested your new office furniture—well done!

Once your manager has officially approved your request, we can help you get everything you need while staying within budget. Check out our buying guides to get started.


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