In today’s dynamic landscape of modern workspaces, a space’s design and layout significantly impacts productivity, creativity and overall job satisfaction. Private offices can pave the way for fewer workplace distractions, increased productivity and a higher sense of security for professionals across all industries. There may be additional benefits enjoyed by those who use private offices, as these spaces can be designed to support the needs of each employee. Learn how creatives, salespeople and tech workers can benefit from a private office workspace below.  

Creatives: Graphic Artists, Audio/Video Editors, Writers and Advertisers

Private workspaces allow for better productivity for creatives and those around them. While creative ideas are often born in collaborative environments, quiet focus time plays a critical role in taking an idea from point A to point B. In private offices, creatives can immerse themselves in their craft, free from the noise and interruptions that stifle creativity.

Additionally, reviewing audio and video content in open floor plan workspaces can be distracting to nearby employees. When creatives can work in private offices, they can effectively do their work without disrupting co-workers. Whether it’s brainstorming a new concept, refining a design or fine-tuning a written work, having a private space can help to encourage bold exploration and innovation.

Salespeople: Sales Reps, Account Managers, Customer Success and Business Development

Private offices offer specific benefits for sales professionals, with one of the most prevalent being privacy. Salespeople are often tasked with making calls, preparing proposals and strategizing sales pitches — all of which are not necessarily conducive to an open office environment.

For these professionals, private offices provide a quiet environment to focus, with fewer distractions.  For instance, a call riddled with background noise and distractions can be the difference between engaging and losing a prospective customer. Additionally, some sales discussions involve sensitive information such as pricing negotiations, contract terms or client feedback. Private offices offer a secure setting where salespeople can have confidential conversations without the risk of being overheard or compromising client trust.

Tech Workers: Programmers, Administrators, Analysts, Web Developers and IT Staff

Private offices enable tech workers to get into the deep flow state and reach maximum productivity by providing privacy and minimizing interruptions. Chunks of deep focus time are essential for tech workers to accomplish common tasks like writing, modifying or testing code, creating or maintaining websites or analyzing websites to improve user experience. In this field, context switching, a concept that refers to the process by which developers switch their attention from one task to another, has a real cost to organizations.

Create Private Offices That Work for Your Business

Thoughtfully crafted private offices influence employee satisfaction, engagement, motivation and beyond. Professionals across industries can all benefit from having access to a well-designed private office space. Organizations that prioritize creating workspace solutions that meet the needs of their employees are empowering themselves to reach new heights of productivity, creativity and success.

Design your private office space with NBF to promote inspiration, focus and productivity.


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