Do you want your office space to feel representative of your company’s identity and mission? We understand the feeling. A great way to do just that is to incorporate your brand into your office design. But before you paint all of the walls your brand colors and order logo-heavy furniture items, it’s vital to know that a little bit of branding in your office can go quite a long way. Here are our top tips when it comes to incorporating your brand tastefully.

Address the First Point of Contact

Introducing your branding right away is always a good idea; this could be a reception or waiting area with something as simple as your logo or company name placed on a wall, such as how Sizmek branded their space below.


Add Branded Reading Material

Whether your business has a reception area or just a front counter to help customers, there is usually an easy and seamless way to add branded reading material. From business cards and brochures to catalogs or company newsletters, giving customers access to these branded materials can often help them get to know your brand on a better level which is always a good thing.


Get Creative

Go beyond the logo – go with décor and other design elements that still represent your brand without getting repetitive or looking like a billboard. Maybe instead of a wall with your company name or logo, you instead feature your company’s mission. Maybe you add items linked to your brand in the form of décor. For example, in effort to distinguish its Austin, TX headquarters, Sizmek added famous cow brands to the their flooring in order to give the place a feel that reflected not only the company, but also its location. Creative touches like these can help you incorporate your brand while also being memorable to visitors and prospective employees.


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