File Cabinets – Lateral Files, Vertical Filing & More

Looking for filing cabinets for your business? File cabinets in this selection come in both lateral and vertical styles.


Staying organized is important in any office environment, whether you are working from home, at a small business or in a corporate campus environment. And it’s necessary in every industry, from accountants to architects to designers to health care providers, libraries, retail merchants and more. Office furniture should do your work for you, by allowing you to be productive and making it easy to find the documents you need, when you need them. Freestanding file cabinet units for sale at National Business Furniture can help you meet those goals.

Filing Cabinets for sale: The Basics

Shop top-rated manufacturers like NBF Signature Series and Fire King.

Most options can hold both letter and legal size hanging files, making them ideal for the storage of your important documents. Filing cabinets are also available in fireproof options for documentation that needs an extra level of protection. If you're still shopping around and need some help, make sure to check out our Complete Guide to Filing Cabinets.

File cabinets from NBF come in industrial metal options and more stylish selections as well. Lockable drawers can be found on many models, but be sure to read the product description for further details on lockability. Filing cabinets also come in more unique varieties such as flat files, tambour door files and rotary files. No matter which style you need for your business, you'll find it all here with a lifetime guarantee.

What am I trying to store?

As any business owner and employee knows, there’s no shortage of things you need to keep at work! From receipts to expense reports to tax information to DVDs, videos, cards, real estate plans, drawings, employee records, hospital records and so on, it all has to go some place, preferably safe and secure. That’s why National Business Furniture has a full inventory of file cabinet types including steel mobile file cabinets, vertical and lateral file cabinets, fire-resistant file cabinets, office storage carts and more. You can shop our filing cabinets by drawer quantity, including 2 drawer, 3 drawer, 4 drawer and 5 drawer options, and we also have more expansive file cabinets & carts to meet wider-scale needs. We even have a subcategory just for hospital filing cabinets. If an aesthetically pleasing display is what you are looking for along with filing capacity, our storage hutches are a great choice, too.

File cabinets that fit individual employee needs are also available; aside from documents, everyone needs a place to put their sticky notes, pens and tacks, too!

Types of file cabinets:

Vertical filing cabinet: With a vertical filing cabinet, drawers are stacked on top of each other. This type of cabinet generally has drawers that are deeper than they are wide or tall. It’s a classic type of filing cabinet, ideal for saving floor space. This is great for most areas of an office but can be a little tricky if space is tight, as you will need room to pull out the drawer to use it effectively. This is the kind of cabinet often found in a file desk. Metal, wood and processed wood are common materials.

Lateral filing cabinet: This type of cabinet features much wider drawers than vertical filing cabinets, and you don’t have to pull them out as far to get to your documents. However, the unit itself does take up a fair amount of space. It is great for a hallway or other highly trafficked area and can fit adjacent to or under a large table or desk top, too. Lateral filing cabinets work well for legal or letter-sized paperwork (as always, check the specifications of the unit you are interested in buying for your document and filing needs).

Mobile filing cabinets (rolling filing cabinets): If you are looking for something more like a file cart, this is the best option. Mobile file cabinets will generally be smaller than a lateral filing cabinet (and may basically look like a vertical filing cabinet, with wheels). Often these have a fifth wheel for safety, and lockable casters so it doesn’t roll away on you.

Side tab files: Common in medical settings, side tab files allow you to display your documents easily if you choose (especially if you color code your file folders). Some side tab file cabinets have doors, others do not. Tambour door file cabinets are a type of side tab file with a door that folds back into the storage unit. It’s an efficient style that is ideal in tight spaces that do not have swinging doors.

Rotary file cabinets: These offer a lot of storage space while taking up little. A rotary filing cabinet is double-faced so the unit can be rotated, revealing columns of files on either side. These types of file cabinets are made with as few as two and as many as eight shelves, and usually are configured in a side tab file style.

Card file cabinets: These will look very similar to your library’s Dewey Decimal style. Card filing cabinets will fit cards and not letter or legal-sized documents.

Flat file cabinets: These types of cabinets display blueprints and other large form documents. May be ideal for designers, developers and architects. Flat file cabinets prevent having to roll up these valuable documents.

Storage islands: This allows you to do work on top of the filing cabinet, as it offers a work surface that is about counter height. If you are looking to maximize space and storage in your office, think about a storage island as a filling solution and collaboration center.

Make sure too that your file cabinet fits what you are trying to store.

Letter-sized document filing cabinet: This includes almost any type of filing cabinet, except a card file cabinet. A letter-size document is the size of a standard 8-1/2” x 11” piece of computer paper.

Legal-size document filing cabinet: Many but not all filing cabinets can function as legal-sized document filing cabinets, so be sure to read the product description if you need a unit that can accommodate this type of paperwork. Legal-size documents measure 8-1/2” x 14.”

Hanging folder filing cabinet: Hanging folders can fit in most vertical or lateral filing cabinets. A side tab filing cabinet is not designed for this kind of folder’s hanging attachment.

For more information on what to think about when buying a filing cabinet, check out our Complete Guide to Filing Cabinets.

What do I want my file cabinets to look like?

Our file cabinets for sale fit a variety of office needs. If you are looking for a more executive, C-suite feel, check out our wood veneer filing cabinets. If you want a utilitarian look for maximum storage, check out our metal file cabinets (and don’t feel locked into beige or grey — we have lots of different color combinations so your cabinet can add a fresh look to the office). Available in various sizes and drawer options, metal cabinets are a great budget filing cabinet choice. 

Our laminate storage units and laminate filing cabinets offer a great budget alternative to real wood, and can provide a deft, modern look, with a wide variety of storage configurations. Check out our file cabinet subcategories and filter by type, colors, materials, brand, drawers and price as available to find what you need. After all, shopping for a modern file cabinet should be fun, too.

Do I want an open display or maximum file space?

Hutches allow for the display of personal or office items, awards, photos, and so on. Other filing solutions act more as storage cabinets, although a tall enough unit can also allow you to display personal or office effects.

How secure does my storage need to be?

Fireproof file cabinets will protect your most valuable documents and information from the unforeseen. Not only are they designed to protect against fire damage for a long period of time, they also protect against sprinkler systems trying to put the fire out. Secure filing cabinets keep your items safe by lock and key. Check the file cabinet you are looking at for more specifics about how it keeps your paper and other objects secure.

How durable is my storage unit?

This is an easy question — all filing cabinets from National Business Furniture come with a lifetime guarantee*. If your storage cabinet’s craftsmanship is not up to bar, we will work with you to get it fixed. So shop and purchase with ease — we back up the quality of our file cabinets.