How to Unclutter Your Office

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Jan 7 2019

According to a new research study conducted by Kelton Global, the physical workspace has a tremendous impact on the mental workspace in the modern office. Among the findings, 62% of survey respondents reported that having a cluttered workstation would make them unhappy on the job. Upon closer examination of the results, it was revealed that a cluttered workspace has an especially negative effect on women, of whom 70% said that having a cluttered work area would make them unproductive. How can you combat negative vibes at the office caused by clutter? We teamed up with luxury residential organizer Liz Girsch, owner of the Milwaukee market for NEAT Method, to provide a few tips and tricks.

Admit You Have a Clutter Problem

If asked to find something in your office, do you have trouble locating it quickly? When you try to get organized, do you have a hard time knowing where to start? If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions, it’s time to admit you have a clutter problem, and admitting that is the first step. Yes, it may be easier to let paperwork build up on your desk or to wait until your trash bin is completely full to take it out, but easier does not equal better. Accept that you need to make real changes to the way you organize your workspace. Then the office unclutter can begin.

Visualize Your Clutter Roadblocks

Everyone has an excuse. Whether it be a supposed lack of time or a crippling fear of change, determine what is getting in your way of an organized workspace so that you may see past it. These roadblocks can almost always be overcome and doing so may not be as challenging as you think.

Determine Your Clutter Personality

That’s right, there are several different types of people who allow clutter to take over. While procrastinators avoid tidying up until it becomes a serious problem, savers have some major separation anxiety. Determining the root cause of your clutter will enable you to make real changes to the way you organize your workspace, allowing you to get that mess under control with greater ease.

Conquer the Clutter

Once you’re fully prepared to take on the clutter, it’s time to get to it! Start by emptying everything (yes, everything!) out of your workspace. Next, categorize and analyze to determine what goes together and what can be tossed altogether. Lay out your space in a neat manner, then purchase any additional organization tools such as drawer dividers and files, to clean up any loose ends.

Make Organizing a Habit

It isn’t enough to organize your desk occasionally. You’ll never need to unclutter your office again if clutter doesn’t build up in the first place. Turn organization into a daily habit by utilizing labels, finding the right organizers for your space and eliminating as much paper as possible. It takes a few weeks to form a habit, so make sure you stick with it. You’ll be happy you did in the end!

Keeping your workspace clean and well-organized will allow you to stay on task and productive at the office. For an in-depth guide to organizing your workspace for good, download our free Clear the Office Clutter eBook here and check out the video below for a few more tips. Happy organizing!

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