It’s becoming clearer and clearer in today’s workforce that employee engagement is the key to creating better company leaders and more productive workers. Many companies are offering enticing benefits in an attempt to keep employees engaged, to show appreciation for all of the hard work that their workers do and to mold employees into the strong leaders that will define the company’s future. By offering incentive for your workforce to go back to school, both employees and employers alike will benefit from the results almost immediately, and especially in the years to follow

Increase employee morale. The first and most important benefit to implementing a work-sponsored scholarship program within your company is the boost in employee morale. The great thing about this benefit is that you will start to notice it right away. Simply by knowing that this option is available to them through the company, your workforce will feel more appreciated. By funding the higher education of your staff, you’re showing them that you care about their personal enrichment, advancement and budget. Although offering competitive salaries and impressive 401k plans are an excellent ways to get employees to want to work for your company, providing a scholarship incentive goes above and beyond. It shows that your company not only wants your workers to work for you now, but that you also want them to be able to gain the skills they will need to grow within your company and stay with you for the long term.


Support non-traditional students. Employee scholarship programs are becoming increasingly important due to the rise in non-traditional students enrolling in college programs. Non-traditional students are becoming more and more common each and every year as more people who are already working full-time seek to go to school part-time to obtain either their first degree or an advanced degree. By offering scholarships to your employees, you will be helping individuals attain an education that they may not otherwise be able to receive.


Improve your workforce. People who are ambitious enough to want to broaden their horizons with a college degree are the types of motivated, dedicated employees who you’ll want on your team. Tuition assistance is a great way of improving the skillset of your workforce, which you can then use to improve and grow the operation of your business. You’re also ensuring that you’ve got employees with the latest skills and sharpest minds. The lines between college students and the professional workforce are becoming more and more blurred, making it almost essential to support further educational development. Creating a scholarship program is one of the easiest ways to accomplish this.


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