A school library is a place for learning and exploration. As such, selecting the right furniture for the space is essential to the success of the library. Take a look at our recommendations for what types of furniture to add to your school's library. 

Circulation and reference desks are the centerpieces of the library. These large desks indicate a place students can go for help finding reading materials and checking out books. Make sure you select library desks that are heavy duty and able to withstand high traffic use. When it comes to the circulation desk, choose an option that was truly made to use for circulation purposes and includes at least one book drop to make re-shelving materials easier for librarians and circulation staff.


Activity tables should be added around open areas of the library so that students have a place to sit and study with their notebooks open. Activity tables come in a wide assortment of sizes, shapes and styles, so shop carefully to determine what will best fit your space and your students' needs.


Library chairs come in several different styles. First, you'll need some basic guest seating to use alongside your activity tables. You may also decide to incorporate lounge seating in certain areas of your library. Lounge chairs with tablet arms provide a comfortable place for students to sit and study while offering a small writing space for taking notes or holding a beverage.


Bookcases are, of course, an essential part of any library. For a high traffic area such as a school, we recommend going with metal bookshelves that can easily withstand daily use for many years. How many bookshelves you need will greatly depend on the size of your school population and the size of the library itself, so call our school furniture experts at (800) 527-2417 for further assistance selecting the right number of shelving units for your school.


Library storage includes lockable cabinets, mobile book carts, AV equipment such as laptop charging carts and more. The amount of storage units you'll need will greatly depend on the size of your student population and technology needs. You'll also want to take the comfort of your staff into consideration so that you'll be able to equip them with storage that will make them more efficient.


Study carrels are small desks with partitions around three of the sides. Study carrels are an ideal addition to school libraries because they provide a private space for students to take tests and work on homework assignments without needing to worry about wandering eyes from classmates.


Announcement boards are often added to the walls around school libraries so that teachers and students can post notes and announcements for the general student population to see. The library is an ideal spot for posting announcements.


Crowd control isn't needed in every school library, but you may want to consider it for a university library or for a library in a large school.


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