So you’re shopping around for desks and think L-shaped desks could be a good option—but how will you know before you buy? 


We’ve rounded up everything you need to know to choose the perfect L-shaped desk: benefits, constraints, styles, materials, durability, and more. 

Benefits of L-Shaped Desks

If space is a high priority, an L-shaped desk may be the perfect solution. 

An L-shaped desk offers ample work surface without absorbing a lot of square footage—so you get all the storage space and elbow room you need, even if your office is on the smaller side.


Here are 3 perks of using an L-shaped desk:

  1. Ample surface area: An L-shaped desk includes the main desk and the return, essentially giving you double the work surface. If you need to spread out lots of documents or bounce between projects, this desk may be ideal. 

  2. Plenty of storage: Many L-shaped desks include storage cabinets, shelves, or a built-in hutch so you can easily organize your work materials. 

  3. Convenient accessibility: Keeping everything you need within arm’s reach makes it easy to grab what you need and stay efficient. No need to stand up and walk across the room when you’re in the middle of a Zoom call. 

Popular Styles and Materials for L-Shaped Desks

There’s no shortage of L-shaped desks—you’ll find there’s one to suit just about every need and preference. 


To find the perfect fit, consider the size of your office or work area, how much storage you need, and what your work habits are. You want a desk that fits your space well, holds what you need, and enables you to work comfortably and efficiently. 


Here are 5 common styles you’ll see: 

  1. Writing: A writing desk offers plenty of surface area and minimal built-in storage. This option is best if you need lots of desktop space but don’t need lots of storage. Bonus: This style typically offers clean lines and generous legroom.

  2. Compact: Compact desks are designed for use in small spaces. A compact L-shaped desk that includes storage can help you create a robust workstation in even the smallest area, so these are often an excellent choice for remote workers.

  3. Executive: If space isn’t an issue, consider an executive-style L-shaped desk, which offers a pedestal on each arm of the L-shaped desk similar to the pedestals you’d see on a more traditional executive desk. This gives you a sprawling workspace and a few drawers or cabinets to store materials.

  4. Standing: The main portion of some L-shaped desks  can be raised, giving you the option to stand when you need to stretch your legs. 

  5. Corner: A corner desk differs slightly from an L-shaped desk by having a curved surface area in the corner where the two sides join, but the terms are often used interchangeably.

Choosing the Right Desk Material

To get the most mileage out of your desk, choose materials that are made to last. Typically, commercial-grade materials and construction offer the most durability and reliability.


If durability is a high priority for you, consider high-quality laminate. It’s ideal for corporate office settings because laminate can be constructed to withstand consistent wear and high levels of impact. 


Metal is another popular choice for corporate offices because it’s affordable, lightweight, durable, and often crafted in modern silhouettes. You’ll often see metal mixed with other materials, such as a laminate desktop paired with a metal frame. 


When it comes to a timeless piece of statement furniture, nothing beats a solid wood desk. But wood is heavy, difficult to move, and not as durable as a high-performance material like laminate or metal—so wood is typically a better choice for a home office rather than a corporate location.


If you like the look of wood but need something a little more flexible and durable, opt for an L-shaped desk made of engineered wood. The price tag will be considerably lower, and the durability will be much better.

Checklist for Choosing the Perfect L-Shaped Desk

To help you shop with ease, here’s a quick checklist you can use:

  • How much space do you have?: Be sure to measure your work area before purchase so you can choose a desk that fits well.

  • How much storage do you need?: If you need to stow files, binders, and other work materials, opt for a desk with plenty of storage. 

  • Where’s the return?: Not all L-shaped desks are interchangeable. Double-check whether the return is on the right or left so you can arrange the desk in a way that works for you.

  • Check weight and durability: Make sure your desk is sturdy enough to support heavier equipment like monitors or lightweight enough that it’s easy to relocate if you need to move it around.

  • What style and color do you want?: Choose a desk that aligns with your design preferences so you’re satisfied with your purchase.

  • Don’t forget about assembly: Will you be putting the desk together yourself? If so, look for a desk that can be easily assembled and includes detailed instructions. If not, be sure to include assembly services with your purchase.

  • Look for finishing touches: Choose a water-resistant, scratch-proof desk to get more life out of your furniture.

Now It’s Time to Shop

You’ve made it through all the benefits, styles, and materials of L-shaped desks. You’ve even got our checklist of pointers. There’s only one thing left to do: Choose your perfect desk. 


Browse L-shaped desks through our online store. You can easily filter by price, style, material, color, brand, and even shipping times. Happy shopping!


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