You’ve heard that first impressions are everything. Because the first impression most guests and clients get of your business is that of your waiting room, it’s important to design the space to make everyone feel welcome. Here are some tips to make the people in your lobby feel at home.

Set the Temperature to a Comfortable Level

You don’t want the people in your lobby to be freezing, but you don’t want it to get too stuffy. Although it will be impossible to please everyone, we recommend keeping your waiting room temperature around 70 degrees. This will keep most visitors comfortable while they wait.

Accommodate Active Waiting

Sitting in a reception area waiting for an appointment is just plain boring. Make sure you accommodate active waiting so your guests can enjoy every moment of their visit to your business. 

What do we mean by active waiting? Simply put, give your guests something to do while they wait so they aren’t stuck staring at a wall the whole time. Provide free Wi-Fi in your reception area so guests can use their phones and laptops freely while waiting. Keep reading materials on nearby coffee tables as well. Most importantly, think of the average demographics of the people visiting your office and what they would enjoy doing during their wait. You may even want to incorporate a child play area if you’re a healthcare facility or an office that commonly hosts children.

Pamper Every Visitor

Whether it’s a client, partner, or new intern, treat every visitor in your waiting room as a valued customer by going above and beyond to make them feel welcome. Pampering your guests can be as simple as offering coffee, tea, or water. 

You’ll certainly want to pamper your guests when it comes to the furniture in your waiting room. Chairs should be plush and padded, while the reception desk and décor should be beautiful and inspiring. Your guests should feel like they’re in a 5-star hotel, whether your waiting room is a corporate office or a small business.

Allow Visitors to Take Control

Avoiding uncomfortable situations is key to making your guests feel welcome in your office. Visitors in your waiting room should have a wide range of seating options available so they aren’t forced to sit next to anyone they may not want to be by. Take care to offer different types of seating as well, including chairs with arms, chairs without arms, and bariatric seating options.

Design the Room to Reflect Your Brand

Your guests should know where they are the moment they step foot into your waiting room. From the colors you use to adorn the room to the arrangement of your furniture, create a look in your reception area that reflects your business. Whether that’s calm and serene or bold and exciting will depend on your business’s branding.



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