Your reception area is the first point of contact that most people have with your physical office location. Whether it’s employees, investors, or customers, everyone should know exactly where they are when they step into your business, and your office design should give a positive impression. Here are a few techniques you can use to achieve brand recognition and shine the right light on your company via the design of your reception area.

Display Your Business Name

First and foremost, your company’s name should have a place of pride at the front and center of your reception area. Common places to display a company name or logo include behind the reception desk and on the front door, but the location will vary depending on the layout of your waiting room.

Incorporate Your Brand’s Colors 

Your company probably uses color in your logo or on your website. While you may consider painting the walls in your brand colors, there are plenty of other ways to bring in a splash of your signature style. Try incorporating your company colors via the chairs in your waiting room, or pull in pops of color in the artwork or décor in the space. Remember that less is more, so be careful to add just the right touches without going overboard.

Add Items That Reflect Your Company Culture and Values

If your company emphasizes fun, reflect that by using bright colors and funky furnishings. If you’re strictly business, keep your reception area polished and pristine. You can even take a literal outlook on this technique by posting your company values or tagline on a board for all to see. This may also be a great opportunity to show your passion for the city in which your company operates.

Use Existing Features 

You could cover up cement flooring with carpeting, but maybe you could work with it to create a unique look while saving a little money. Other great ideas include creating reading nooks in small, awkward spaces and using large blank walls to display branded artwork. Working with your waiting room’s existing architecture will create better visual flow and differentiate your space from competitors.

Remember that your waiting room branding serves multiple groups of people. Not only does it need to leave guests with a lasting, positive impression of your business, but it also needs to inspire employees every day when they come to work.



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